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This Road Trip Mapping Site Finds You the Coolest Things to Do on Your Route

Road Trips
by Olivia Harden Jul 25, 2022

With considerable flight delays and cancellations this summer, some professionals are saying to ditch catching flights and opt to drive instead. And while the journey portion of a road trip might be more time-consuming than hopping on a plane, that’s part of the fun. You might want to curate your trip around national parks or the best places to drink wine. But there’s an easier way to do it if you’re just looking for cool sights along your route: Makemydrivefun

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While a good portion of the comments in the video that highlighted the site mentioned the TikToker’s questionable pronunciation of Seattle, Makemydrivefun is a good starting point for the most epic adventures. Some commenters also had trouble getting the road trip generator to work, but when I tried it out, I noticed adding the state to lesser known cities and refreshing the page between each road trip helps to keep the site running smoothly. Also remember, this website should be a starting point. Stockton natives in the comments warned that the adventure park was in a dangerous area.

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