If venturing all the way to Greenland isn’t enough of an Arctic experience for you, you can now make your stay even more extreme by sleeping in an igloo. The Igloo Lodge in the coastal town of Ilulissat has just opened, and the sleeping quarters are — you guessed it — traditional icy igloos.

Greenland igloo

Photo: World of Greenland

Each of the five hand-built igloos can fit two people comfortably and you won’t even have to worry about waking up as a human icicle. Reindeer skins and special winter sleeping bags are provided to keep you warm, as well as a petroleum lamp on the night table. There’s also a nearby cabin with bathroom facilities and a communal meal area, so you won’t need to hunt your own food or do your business outside with the polar bears.

Inside igloo Greenland

Photo: World of Greenland

Of course, there will be more to do on this trip than hunker down in your igloo. World of Greenland offers several excursions, including boat trips, hiking tours, helicopter tours, snowmobile rides, and of course, northern lights viewing. Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel, a travel company specializing in Arctic travel, said, “The best Arctic adventures are all about experiencing authentic moments and creating lifelong memories, and this is one that delivers on both.”

The igloos are particularly notable for their detailed and authentic craftsmanship, he said. “To lie back and sleep there just as the Inuits have done for thousands of years before is a really special moment.”

H/T: Lonely Planet