Eben Diskin

Staff Writer at Matador, and pizza connoisseur with a serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), Eben has traveled to over 35 countries and lived in the UK for a year. Reach him at ebend@matadornetwork.com or follow him on Instagram @ebenflow_.

Little old lady rescues base jumper after ill-fated leap

170 cases of norovirus reported at Yosemite National Park

Firefighters save world’s only grove of prehistoric Wollemi pines from Australia fires

Defiant hikers are killing New Zealand’s treasured kauri trees

Philippine volcano erupts, forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes

US downgrades travel warning to Australia after prime minister intercedes

Stuffed koalas are appearing all over NYC to raise money for Australian wildlife

New York’s Erie Canal is getting a serious makeover

National Plan Your Vacation Day encourages Americans to use all their time off

Heavy rainfall brings some much-welcomed relief to Australia

This California wine paradise will pay you $100 to visit

Peru deports 5 tourists accused of defiling Machu Picchu temple

Airbus’ new smiley beluga whale plane takes to the skies

UN sets 2030 goal for preserving biodiversity, staving off mass extinction

Akon is building a futuristic city in Senegal

Gwyneth Paltrow organizes Goop wellness cruise in the Mediterranean

Instagrammer thrown in jail for climbing one of Giza’s pyramids

Wombats are the heroes of the Australian fires, sheltering animals in their burrows

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