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Elanan Will Be a Futuristic Wellness Oasis in the Heart of the Saudi Desert

Saudi Arabia
by Eben Diskin Feb 21, 2024

When you think of wellness retreats, your mind might jump to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, or a spa town in Europe. Saudi Arabia isn’t exactly the poster child for wellness and relaxation, but that might be about to change thanks to Elanan, the newest addition to NEOM in northwest Saudi Arabia. NEOM is a mostly desert region being redeveloped as a futuristic tourism hub. The region will be defined by hyperconnected, sustainable cities and ports, most notably The Line, a planned car-free 105-mile long city designed to cut across the desert in a straight line, and be a model for utopian living. It’s all part of Vision 2030, the Saudi government’s sweeping plan to make Saudi Arabia more appealing to foreign visitors. The wellness retreat of Elanan is the latest exciting addition to this futuristic project.

Located on the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, where the mountains meet the sea, Elanan is slated to be an exclusive retreat specializing in luxury and wellbeing experiences. The retreat will have a contemporary aesthetic, while also blending seamlessly with the surrounding nature. A lush oasis in the desert, the purpose of Elanan is to promote relaxation and reflection, with several options for guests to rest and recharge. Once it’s actually open to the public, guests can look forward to large plazas, specialty private dining, relaxing in the sun garden, sweeping observation tower views, and of course, a range of rejuvenating wellness experiences.

What else is coming to NEOM

Keeping up with NEOM’s new city and project announcements is sometimes as difficult as keeping up with all the new movie releases you want to see. But there’s more to NEOM than just this new wellness retreat and The Line. Announced in late 2023, Leyja is another NEOM project between the mountains and the coast of the Red Sea, featuring three futuristic hotels built into the mountains themselves. Trojena is another standout addition to the region – a cutting-edge ski resort in the heart of the desert, projected to open in 2026.

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