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Saudi Arabia Announces a Trio of Futuristic Hotels Built Into the Mountains of NEOM

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by Eben Diskin Oct 17, 2023

NEOM is central to Saudi Arabia’s push to encourage tourism and emerge as one of the world’s leading vacation destinations. Al’Ula and mega-projects inside of NEOM such as The Line and a new island destination called Sindalah have been the biggest locations to make headlines lately, but there are other moving pieces equally worthy of getting excited about. Take, for example, Leyja, a mountainous region within NEOM slated to be developed as a major tourism hub with three new futuristic hotels built right into the mountains.

Stretching west from the Gulf of Aqaba in the northern part of the country between natural mountains off the coast of the Red Sea, Leyja will be the site of three sustainable and innovative hotel concepts. Designed by world-leading architects to blend in with the surrounding nature, the three properties will have 120 boutique rooms and suites.

The first will be designed with a focus on active adventure, aptly called Adventure Hotel. “Its unique location, folded into the cliff top and valley sides, lends itself to those seeking rock climbing and other high-octane experiences in the surrounding area,” the official press release says. The second property, Oasis Hotel, emerges from the rock to sit in the heart of the wadi’s largest oasis, serving as the perfect base for exploring the valley with unrivaled views of the landscape and nature reserve. The third property, Wellness Hotel, is planned as a retreat that blends into the surrounding area and “promotes longevity, with a high-tech, reflective facade mirroring the surrounding beauty and valley walls.” This allows the wadi’s natural passage through the property’s center, providing visitors with a unique and interactive experience. All three will bring luxury eco-tourism to the region.

But Leyja is more than just its futuristic hotels. The region will offer a variety of fine dining experiences helmed by world-renowned chefs, wellness facilities, stargazing, rooftop infinity pools, guided wadi walks, hiking trails, and mountain biking opportunities. These all will highlight the 1,300-feet-tall mountains.

The exact date of when these hotels will be open for business hasn’t yet been set. But as plans for NEOM continue to crystallize and more information becomes available, excitement for these hotels of the future will only grow.

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