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NEOM’s Newest Addition Will Be a Luxurious Private Golf Community

Saudi Arabia
by Eben Diskin Mar 8, 2024

NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s vision for a cutting edge, sustainable tourism hub in the country’s northwest desert, isn’t sleeping on innovation or expansion. It seems like every few weeks new additions are being announced, most recently the development of a private golf community called Gidori, set amid the coastal hills of the Gulf of Aqaba. Gidori will be home to premium residences, luxurious sports and leisure amenities, and like the rest of the sprawling development in the region, blend ambitious architecture with a dramatical natural landscape.

The goal here is to combine world-class golf with active leisure, and to create an ultra-modern community for guests. The centerpiece of the resort is a massive beachfront complex rising from the coastal landscape, housing 190 luxury seaview apartments, a range of restaurant and dining experiences, retail stores, and garden spaces.

And what’s a golf resort without the golf? There will be an 18-hole championship golf course cutting inland through the low hills and rocky landscape, giving golfers both a challenge and beautiful scenery to admire. Visitors can stay onsite at the 80-room boutique luxury hotel, with restaurants, lounges, spa, a gym, swimming pools, and even a theater on hand or constant entertainment. Gidori is also surrounded by hiking and cycling trails, with water sports available at the nearby beach club.

Gidori is only the latest NEOM expansion to be announced. Last month Elanan – a spa and wellness retreat – was revealed as one of the newest developments. Leyja, a trio of futuristic hotels, was also recently announced, as well as a ski resort in the heart of the desert. All of that, of course, is in addition to NEOM’s crown jewel – The Line, a planned futuristic sustainable city, built in the shape of a straight line, that’s currently under construction.

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