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A Fireball Left Meteorites Around Mississippi That You Can Hunt for on the Roadside

Photos: 112-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tracks Permanently Damaged While Building Tourist Walkway

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Watch: Ghost Village That's Been Underwater Since 1992 Recently Resurfaced in a Spanish Reservoir

Vandals Permanently Damaged Some of North America’s Oldest Surviving Rock Art

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Rome’s Colosseum Is Getting a Stage so Visitors Can Feel Like Gladiators


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You Can See an Underground Railroad Stop First-Hand at This Historic Site in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The Top 15 Inca Sites in and Near Cusco That Are Not Machu Picchu

Go Here, Not There: Choquequirao Is as Epic as Machu Picchu (but Without the Crowds)

Archaeological Digs Around the World You Can Actually Partake in This Year

Geologist Daniel Robinson Has Been Missing for Three Months

In Delphi, Greece, a Hike To a Mystical Cave Is as Cool as the Ruins

Why a Nile Cruise Is the Most Comfortable Way To See Egypt’s Beautiful Temples

Your Next Big Trip Should Be Back in Time To Humanity's First City

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