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Fan of Street Art? Valparaíso, Chile, Is Like One Big Mural

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by Matador Creators Mar 6, 2023

Valparaíso, Chile, is many things. It’s a port city on Chile’s central coast with steep hills and colorful cascading houses. Its historic core is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was once home to Chilean national poet Pablo Neruda. A creative city, Valparaíso is also a famous street art hub, with graffiti and murals adorning many buildings across the city.

Valparaíso is known for its vibrant and colorful street art scene, which has become a major attraction for visitors to the city. The street art in Valparaíso is diverse and eclectic, featuring everything from political messages to abstract designs to depictions of local culture and history. Many of the murals are large-scale works that cover entire buildings or walls, while others are smaller pieces tucked away in alleys or on side streets.

Notable artists who have contributed to Valparaíso’s street art scene include INTI, an internationally recognized Chilean artist whose work often features bold colors and intricate patterns; Caiozzama, a local artist known for his whimsical characters; and Un Kolor Distinto, a collective of artists who specialize in large-scale murals with social and political messages.

Some popular spots for street art tours include Cerro Alegre, Cerro Concepcion, and Cerro Polanco. Cerro Alegre is a hillside neighborhood and one of the most picturesque areas of Valparaíso, with colorful houses and winding streets. It’s also home to many great examples of street art, including murals by INTI and Caiozzama. Another hillside neighborhood with stunning views, Cerro Concepcion is known for its bohemian community. Cerro Polanco is located on the outskirts of Valparaíso in a less touristy area that has become a hub for street art. The neighborhood features large-scale murals by Un Kolor Distinto as well as other local artists.

It’s easy to arrange a guided street art tour of Valparaíso on the ground — whether through your accommodation, a local operator, or Airbnb Experiences — but you’ll also get a sense of Valparaíso’s street art scene simply by wandering around the seaside city.

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