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The United Kingdom is made up of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

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It’s often confused with Great Britain, which is those first three countries minus Northern Ireland. And with England, which is actually only one country. Confused yet? Don’t worry, they won’t even stamp your passport at Heathrow anymore, so you’re pretty much free to travel through all four countries during your stay.

London is the obvious first stop on any UK adventure, and if you’re flying there, we can help you figure out which of its six airports will work best. But with four countries to explore, don’t limit yourself to just one. You can mountain bike through the English countryside, explore the stunning coast of Northern Ireland, or enjoy the quieter charm of Wales, where you’ll rarely encounter throngs of visitors. Whether you’re drinking your way through the Scottish Highlands or hitting every Game of Thrones filming site you can find, we’ve got stories to help you make the most of your UK adventure.

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United Kingdom

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Britain's Diverse Accents, Food, and Culture with Alexa Moore

From Scouse slang in Liverpool to Geordie words in Newcastle, Britain's accents are as diverse as its food, landscapes, and culture. Join Alexa Moore on a far-reaching tour from the castle-filled beauty of Wales to the art and wine country of Essex. Along the way, we'll learn various phrases and dialects and see how Great Britain's fresh takes on traditional foods make for a totally unexpected travel experience. #LoveGreatBritain

United Kingdom

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الانتقال الفوري عبر بريطانيا مع هذه الأكواب المختلفة من الشاي

تعال مع يوسف السديس وهو يستكشف بريطانيا العظمى من خلال أكواب الشاي المختلفة. من دروس الماجستير السحرية في Bird and Blend في برايتون إلى رمي الفأس في مانشستر، يجد السديس مغامرات وثقافة غير متوقعة في كل منعطف. وإذا كان السفر يتعلق بالعثور على مناظر جديدة ، فماذا عن Up at The O2 في لندن أو Brighton i360؟


Britain's Diverse Accents, Food, and Culture with Alexa Moore

See how Great Britain's fresh takes on traditional foods make for a totally unexpected travel experience. #LoveGreatBritain


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Komm mit und erlebe Großbritannien einmal anders. #LoveGreatBritain


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