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If you’re looking to visit Great Britain as it may have been centuries ago, the closest you’ll come is Wales, a country that’s kept its own culture and language — especially on the island's west coast.

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Though Cardiff can make for a fun few days, the best parts of Wales are out in the countryside, and we’ve got the best places to visit if you’ve only got a short time here.

Venturing further into Wales, you’ll find natural wonders like the coasts and cliffs in Pembrokeshire and the rugged peaks in Brecon Beacons National Park. You can also climb to the top of Mount Snowdon, where the easiest path to the 3,560-foot summit will have you up and down in about half a day. The small towns dotting the country are experiences unto themselves, and you haven’t experienced Wales until you’ve spent a night at a pub in Tenby or Aberystwyth. Just be prepared — that night out may last longer than you expect. In Wales, there’s no such thing as partying light.

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