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This Halal Steakhouse in London Is Upping the Game for No-Alcohol Cocktails

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by Matador Creators Feb 24, 2023

If you’re going out to eat a steakhouse, you’re probably craving fine cuts of high-quality meat and classic steakhouse sides like roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes. At the Elvet Steakhouse in London, diners can order top-tier Argentine Black Angus beef that’s certified Halal, as well as fresh fish, specialty dishes like slow-cooked lamb shank and Wagyu burgers, plus tons of other delectable mains, starters, sides, and desserts.

You’d think having the option to wrap any menu item in 24-carat gold would be the most sumptuous and festive feature of the menu, but nothing evidences the restaurant’s creativity and showmanship like its cocktails, all of which are non-alcoholic (read: also Halal).

@foodwtf 📍Elvet Steakhouse in #London serves up some unique cocktails 🔥 🎥 @holidaywith_mel #foodie #foodtiktok #londonrestaurants #uktravel ♬ Fuego – Alok & Bhaskar

Elvet Steakhouse is located in the Forest Gate neighborhood of East London, an area that was once known as an epicenter of the 1960s music scene and is now a hotspot for fun dining and drinking venues. The restaurant’s stylish interior is accented by an inviting mix of warm, dim lights and mood music — basically everything you’d want for a date-night spot, including standout drinks that are presented with flourishes like bubbles, flowers, fire, and smoke. The only thing the restaurant won’t use to create a memorable cocktail is alcohol.

Among the most indulgent non-alcoholic drinks served at Elvet Steakhouse are the Popstar Martini (passion fruit, lime, orange, and gin alternative topped with popcorn and gold dust), the Golden Shake milkshake (Ferrero Rocher, Oreo, Flake, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream topped with 24-carat gold), and the Magic Rose (mixed berries, elderflower, lime, and alcohol-free gin), which is featured in the video above as the floral garnish in the middle of the glass “blossoms through the flame of the magic fire.”

In addition to serving Halal steaks and alcohol-free drinks, Elvet Steakhouse is careful to identify which of its dishes contain gluten, dairy, egg, molluscs, mustard, pine nuts, sesame oil, soya, sulphites, vinegar, wheat, fish, crustaceans — as well as which dishes are vegan- and vegetarian-friendly — to accommodate all dietary restrictions and preferences.

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