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England is the largest of the four countries that comprise the United Kingdom, home to London, Manchester, Liverpool, and pretty much every other city you know from watching the English Premier League.

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But there’s far more to England than its famous cities (though if you need a travel guide to London, Manchester, or Bristol, we’ve got you covered). It’s steeped in history, whether that means centuries-old royal residences, the cottages of the Cotswolds, or castles out in the countryside.

England is also a highly-underrated place to hike, and we’ll tell you all about the best long-trail walks to take. We’ll even tell you about some British islands that nobody visits and the best alternatives to Stonehenge. If you’re a traveling Potter-head, we’ve got you covered too, with our guide to all the London sites from Harry Potter. So no matter where you’re looking to travel in jolly ole’ England, we’ve got an expert to help you along the way.


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