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Can You Guess What These Funny British Slang Phrases Mean?

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by Morgane Croissant Sep 14, 2022

While Britain is comprised of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and each of these countries have their own sayings and expressions, they also have some common ground when it comes to slang. And Americans coming to Britain, whether they visit London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, or Belfast, may be shocked to see that despite speaking English, there’s plenty they can’t quite understand. British slang is ubiquitous, colorful, and not self-explanatory — you have to learn it to understand it.

See if you’re ready to tackle a conversation with the locals by taking this British slang quiz. If you’re not quite up to the task, you can brush up on your British sayings beforehand.

Question 1 of 10

In British English, "to be skint" means:

To be broke
To be tired
To be a smart ass
To be very thin
Question 2 of 10

In British English, "to snog someone" means:

To ignore someone
To have sex with someone
To kiss someone with tongue
To punch someone
Question 3 of 10

In British English, "taking the Mickey" means:

Being ungrateful
Teasing someone
Acting like a child
Being overly sensitive
Question 4 of 10

In British English, "to waffle" means:

To put on weight around the midsection
To tell lies
To sleep soundly
To talk a lot
Question 5 of 10

In British English, "telling porkies" means:

Telling lies
Telling dirty jokes
Talking about your sexual prowesses
Question 6 of 10

In British English, "to pop one’s clogs" means:

To poop
To fall asleep
To die
To lose all your money
Question 7 of 10

In British slang, "to be the dog’s bollocks" means:

To be great
To be awful
To be vulgar
To be arrogant
Question 8 of 10

Which one of the following British sayings means "it's cold"?

It’s piss poor
That's pants
It’s parky
It's jammy
Question 9 of 10

In British English, "I’m off to spend a penny" means:

I'm going broke
I'm going to the bathroom
I'm going to the pub for a drink
I'm going to sleep
Question 10 of 10

Which one of the following sentences do NOT mean "I'm drunk" in British English?

I'm sloshed
I'm leathered
I'm trollied
I'm smarmy
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