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This Quiz Helps You Find the Perfect Backpack for the Style of Traveler You Are

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by Tim Wenger Sep 14, 2022

Having the right backpack for travel is essential to keeping yourself together on the road. Thing is, there are so many types of travel backpacks that choosing the right one for you can be quite confusing. That’s why Matador created this quick quiz — by the end, you’ll know what type of backpack you need and we’ll even offer a few suggestions to choose from.

After you take the quiz below, peruse our travel backpack reviews and suggestions based on your results:

Question 1 of 7

Will you be spending most of your time outdoors or in cities?

In the great outdoors
In cities
Question 2 of 7

How long will you travel?

Less than one week
Between one week and two months
A full season
Question 3 of 7

Will you use this pack for frequent trips?

You know it!
Meh, I only travel once a year
Question 4 of 7

Do you pack heavy or light?

I bring so much stuff!
I bring what I need.
Question 5 of 7

Do you consider yourself a minimalist?

Question 6 of 7

Will you be working remotely while on the road?

Yes, but I also plan to do a lot of adventuring
Question 7 of 7

What is your favorite travel movie?

A Map for Saturday
Up In The Air
On The Road
Submit for your score

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