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Do You Prefer a Hotel or an Airbnb When Traveling? This Quiz Helps You Find Out

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by Tim Wenger Sep 19, 2022

One of the biggest conundrums when booking a trip is whether to book a hotel or find an Airbnb. If you’re like me, you waffle between the two, sometimes going one way and sometimes the other — never quite sure which you actually prefer.

This quiz will settle the score once and for all.

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Question 1 of 8

How often do you cook when you travel?

Every now and then
Nearly every day!
Question 2 of 8

When traveling solo, do you prefer to meet fellow travelers or keep to yourself?

I like to meet others, but also enjoy some alone time
I'm a social butterfly, all the way!
I a social vegan -- I avoid meet
Question 3 of 8

When traveling, I . . .

Prefer to be coddled and make as few decisions as possible
Am a go-getter that arrives with a plan and makes it happen
Want to blend in with the locals as much as possible, and do what they do
Question 4 of 8

When traveling, do you often spend two weeks or longer in one place?

Yes! I love slow traveling and really like to get to know a place
Sometimes, it depends on the situation
I'm an in-and-out type of traveler
Question 5 of 8

Do you work remotely when traveling?

Digital nomad all the way, baby!
Yes, but only because I have to
Absolutely not -- vacation is as vacation does.
Question 6 of 8

You've just arrived in a new city, and it's time for happy hour. You . . .

Pop open the mini-fridge and raise a toast to your arrival
Find the coolest bar nearby and mix in with the crowd
Saunter into a dark cocktail lounge and grab a seat in the corner
Find the local craft brewery and sit on the patio
Answer A, and then either answer B or answer D
Question 7 of 8

You visit a new place and love it so much that you decide to relocate there. You . . .

Find a room for rent in a house in the coolest neighborhood and hope for the best
Search diligently for the perfect spot and hold off if you don't find it
Question 8 of 8

It's your first time visiting a city and you have a great meal at a restaurant there. On your next trip there, you . . .

Go back to the same place and order the same meal
Find a new place because your wanderlust just won't quit
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