If you’re looking to get around Scotland like the locals do, you’ll want to brush up on your Scottish slang. Scotland is one of the six Celtic nations around the world, and people from Scotland use a distinct set of phrases unique to the region.

Before you start planning your trip, see if you know the local slang as well as you think you do with this Scottish quiz on funny slang phrases.

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In Scotland, "he’s got paralysis of the galluses" means:

He's an idiot
He's lazy
He's broke
He's impotent
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In Scotland, "it gives me the boke" means:

It makes me incredibly
It brings tears to my eyes
It makes me sick
It scares me to death
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In Scotland, "he’s doing his dinger" means:

He's in the bathroom
He's pouting
He's taking a nap
He's ranting
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In everyday language in Scotland, "Barry" means:

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In Scotland, the term "bonnie" means:

Small erection
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In Scotland, "Haud ma chips a’v dropped the wean" means:

Wait for me, I'll be right back
I’m sorry, I was not paying attention to what you were saying
I need money
Hold this for me, please
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In Scotland, "I could eat the scabby heid aff a wean" means:

I'm hungry
I'm furious
I'm exhausted
I'm disgusted
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Which one of these words is NOT a Scottish insult?

Question 9 of 10

The Scottish saying "if patter wis water you’d droon" means:

You're full of shit
You talk too much
You should stop drinking alcohol
Watch your language
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In Scotland, "he’s like a dug lickin pish aff a nettle" means:

He's upset
He's ecstatic
He's very drunk
He's gone mad
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