Courtesy of James Bond Indicia 1962-2022 Danjaq and MGM

You Can Take a James Bond Adventure in Norway, Scotland, and Iceland Complete With Car Chases and Bungee Jumping

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by Katie Scott Aiton Jun 14, 2024

Europe has been the backdrop for many memorable scenes in James Bond. 007 has skied through the stunning Swiss Alps, canoodled on gondolas in Venice, and been involved in a nail-biting car chase on Norway’s Atlantic Road. If you’re a fan or stunt person want to be, you can channel your inner agent and experience some of Bond’s iconic thrilling moments yourself in some of Europe’s most dramatic landscapes.

Daniel Craig in Scotland playing James Bond

Courtesy of James Bond Indicia 1962-2022 Danjaq and MGM

Building on the partnership’s success with EON Productions, the company behind the James Bond franchise, cinematic experience company Black Tomato has launched immersive programs that take guests on a heart-pounding journey through Europe and beyond while recreating iconic scenes from the beloved spy films. Guided by 007 insiders, the experiences range from country-based packages to custom-made tailored trips.

There’s a lot to choose from. The “Assignment” itineraries are designed for the discerning Bond fan, offering exclusive access and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of the famous spy. You can visit filming locations from classic Bond movies, like following in Daniel Craig’s footsteps across Europe in Spectre or water-skiing on Lake Como, just like Roger Moore’s Bond in For Your Eyes Only.

Car driving in Norway for James Bond experiences

Courtesy of James Bond Indicia 1962-2022 Danjaq and MGM

In Norway, you’ll get behind the wheel and experience firsthand the car chase from No Time to Die along the outrageously scenic Atlantic Road. Buckle up and prepare for breathtaking views as you weave through this legendary stretch of highway. The adventure continues as you take a bungee jump, reminiscent of the opening scene in GoldenEye.

Eilean Donan Castle at sunset in Scotland

Photo: Pajor Pawel/Shutterstock

The Scotland excursion begins at Eilean Donan Castle, instantly recognizable as Thane Castle, the Scottish MI6 base in The World Is Not Enough. From there, you’ll jump into an Aston Martin, which will whisk you away on a scenic drive to the shores of Loch Laggan, a location featured in the latest Bond installment. Then enjoy a luxurious Bollinger picnic lunch beside the loch, soaking in the beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

Helicopter in Scotland for for James Bond experiences

Courtesy of James Bond Indicia 1962-2022 Danjaq and MGM

The day culminates with a thrilling helicopter flight to The Macallan Estate, where you’ll be treated to a private tasting of their finest whiskies, including the same 1962 vintage sipped by the villainous Raoul Silva in Skyfall.

Cars in iceland for James Bond experiences

Courtesy of James Bond Indicia 1962-2022 Danjaq and MGM

No Bond adventure is complete without a bit of danger, and Iceland delivers. You’ll traverse the untamed icescapes of southeast Iceland, just like 007 himself did, by snowboarding, snowmobile, and even helicopter (though hopefully without the need for rocket launchers). The program evokes the action-packed escape from billionaire Gustav Graves’ ice palace in Die Another Day. You’ll zipline over jagged blue glaciers and scale the towering frozen walls of Svinafellsjökull, Europe’s largest ice cap. Channel your inner slalom champion as you navigate between floating icebergs on the Jökulsárlón lagoon, inspired by a scene in A View to a Kill. After all that exertion, you can refuel with a gourmet three-course picnic and a sip of Bollinger.

Experiences range in duration and price. Contact the James Bond travel team with all booking inquiries.

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