Photo: Andrés Nieto Porras


Crashing waterfalls, industrial pollution-free blue skies, the continent’s largest glacier, a giant milky-blue hotspring and a desolate ring road that runs around all of it are some of Iceland’s best-known features.

Iceland is home to 320,000 people in a space about that of Kentucky, and the population is mainly centered around Reykjavik, which also has some kicking nightlife, even in the long, long winter nights. Outside the capital city, people gravitate towards Gullfoss, a giant waterfall visitable all times of year, crashy and swift-flowing in the summer, and frozen into bulbous ice sculptures in the winter, or the steaming, milky Blue Lagoon, a giant family-friendly spa and hotspring located between the airport and Reykjavik. Further afield there’s world-class walks, like the Landmannalaugar trek up through hotsprings and through desolate glacial valleys.

Here you’ll find photo essays with Iceland’s fireworks, northern lights, nacreous clouds, and stories of great (freezing) surf just 30 miles from the capital, a delicious spiced cup of coffee to warm you up, and a giant hamburger worth sinking your teeth into.

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