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Contrary to popular opinion, not everyone here talks like your favorite vegetable-tossing Muppet.

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Thanks to a stellar education system, most Swedes speak almost-perfect English, which makes traveling here delightfully smooth. And though summer might seem like the obvious time to tour the restaurants, bars, and attractions in Stockholm, winters in Lapland and beyond can be just as rewarding.

In addition to seeing the northern lights in Sweden, you can also take a kayaking trip through a serene and snow-capped shoreline that will leave you feeling completely removed from reality. Or bum around Lund, one of the coolest college towns in the world. If you do go in the summer, we’ll hip you to the best treks in Sarek National Park and show you how to stay in a jumbo-jet hostel or a remote Swedish treehouse. Here, you've got possibilities.

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Following Sweden will allow us to provide you customized content based on your interests
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