Floating Stuga: Photo by Lola Akinmade


Keep the ABBA cracks to yourself in Sweden. With an admirable education system and a strong influx of western pop culture, most Swedes are fluent in English even from a young age, so your trip to Sweden will be that much easier. The downside? Once you take in a sunrise in Lapland, a bite of bleak roe, or a winter dip in a steamy outdoor spa, leaving Sweden will be that much harder. Chase the midnight sun in northern Sweden, where 24 hours of summer daylight means more time for trekking (and scenery-gawking) in Sarek National Park. Wander narrow alley in the old town of Stockholm, or the famously friendly city of Gothenburg. Sample reindeer steak in the north, or fresh lobster in the south. We can help you book a bed in a jumbo jet hostel or treehouse, shed light on indiginous Sami culture, and share Stockholm travel trips for bar-goers, green travelers, and budgeters.

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