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9 Foods You Have to Try in Iceland

Iceland Food + Drink
by Eileen Cotter Wright Feb 6, 2016

YOU WON’T FIND ANY FERMENTED SHARK on this list. Let’s be honest, not many people REALLY eat it. Not even the Icelanders. They’ve been having a laugh for years watching tourists choke the horrid stuff down. So here’s really good and legit food in Iceland instead.

1. Waffles with cream at Blómasetrið – Kaffi Kyrrð

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Have a massive portion while the snow falls outside at this quirky café in Bourganes.

2. Seafood Soup at Hotel Husafell

An Iceland favorite, this steaming bowl of fresh bites from the sea includes mussels, langoustines, salmon and haddock, mixed with crème fraiche and tomato. There are lots of variations.

3. Homemade ice cream at Holtsel farm

Reykjavik has some great ice cream shops, but head south to the countryside to score some of this real-deal dessert.

4. Fish jerky at the Kolaportið flea market

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Fish is a must-eat food in Iceland. But having it dried is a great way to bring these little snacks anywhere. Pick some up at the country’s famous flea market.

5. Famous Icelandic hot dogs at Bæjarins Bestu

Who knew you could find the perfect hot dog in Iceland, smothered in fried onions and brown sauce with a classic bun? It’s won so many award it’ll make your heard spin.

6. A Swiss Mocha at the Laundromat Café

Coffee and chocolate are the perfect pair. Curl your fingers around a big mug of creamy goodness in Reykjavik.

7. Fish on rye toast at Café Loki

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Simple, hearty and a little smelly, it’s a staple Icelandic breakfast delight paired with coffee.

8. Kleina (donuts) at Sandholt

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These perfect little twists of sugar and sometimes chocolate have been all the rage forever.

9. Pizza and a pint at Halldórskaffi

Local ingredients, cold Viking beer and a laid-back atmosphere makes this place in Vik perfect for pies.

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