Whether you’re an avid traveler or considering your first solo adventure, Iceland might just be the perfect destination for the independent female traveler. As a female, venturing out alone for the first time can feel unnerving, especially if you are new to traveling — but, Iceland’s notoriously safe streets and easy-to-navigate roads make it a great place for a solo trip. The diverse hostels, bars, and cafes in Reykjavik can help you come out of your shell and meet other travelers; and, Iceland’s stunning nature can be an escape from human interaction, offering opportunities for the adventure you’ve been craving.


There is a common misconception that solo female travel is dangerous. Iceland is extremely safe. In fact, it has one of the world’s lowest violent crime rates. So, if you (or your family and friends) are worried about your personal safety while traveling alone, Iceland is a good place to start.


The solo female traveler will have no concerns walking alone in Iceland. Let down your guard and allow yourself to get lost in Reykjavik’s quaint city center or check out the mountain views along its marina. There are many scenic walking trails, paths and beaches within the city which are perfectly safe, including Öskjuhlíð Hill and the Grotta.


Iceland is notorious for being one of the world's more expensive travel destinations. Solo travel can be more expensive than splitting costs with a travel buddy, but the natural landscape doesn’t cost anything. Enjoy some free activities, such as exploring the beautiful Reynisfjara black sand beach or checking out the view from behind Seljalandsfoss, one of Iceland’s most picturesque waterfalls.


One concern of many solo travelers is how to go about meeting people. Reykjavik is a very social city with tons of ongoing activities. Staying at a hostel and taking a tour are great ways to connect with other travelers, while cafes or pubs are easy places to meet locals. Be sure to check out Loft's trivia night or live music at café Babalu.


If you prefer solitude, Iceland’s countryside is where it’s at. With a national population of less than 400,000 people, it’s easy to get some peace and quiet outside the city limits.


It is only natural that you will spend some time alone during a solo trip. These moments can be refreshing and energizing, offering opportunities for reflection and personal growth. The landscapes in Iceland are the perfect place to spend time on your own, exploring nature and contemplating life.


Iceland is also a great destination for a solo road trip. It’s pretty hard to get lost on a ring road, so you can relax and let down your guard. Just enjoy the beauty that the country has to offer along the way. The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a scenic drive with stunning coastal cliffs and sea stacks to admire.


You may even consider camping solo, or spending the night somewhere a little different. There are many unique and safe rural accommodations in Iceland, where you can enjoy the company of Icelandic horses and easily spot the Northern lights far from the city's glow.Overall, Iceland is a safe, accessible and surprisingly affordable destination perfect for the solo female traveler. The experiences you will have on your solo adventure in Iceland will be life changing and best of all - the memories are exclusively yours to cherish.

All photos by the author.