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Lupine Season Makes Iceland Come Alive With Blue and Red Blooms

by Matador Creators Mar 31, 2023

Iceland is known for its dramatic peaks, hot springs, volcanoes, and black sand beaches, but you might not typically associate the country with…flowers? very year from mid-May to late June, Iceland is transformed into a botanical wonderland as fields of vibrant purple and blue lupines come into bloom.

Lupines were first introduced to Iceland in 1945 by two Icelandic farmers, who imported a shipment of Canadian lupine seeds in an effort to combat soil erosion and revive the country’s depleted soil quality. Little did they know that these hardy plants would thrive in their new home and become the iconic sight. Thanks to these farmers, in the early summer hillsides and fields come alive with vibrant shades of purple, pink, blue and red.


Lupine season in Iceland — horseback edition. (📹: IG @linaimages)

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You can find the blooming lupines all across Iceland. Some places with particularly striking lupine blooms include Thingvellir National Park, Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve, and the Westfjords region near Ísafjörður. The best way to experience them is by taking a road trip around the Icelandic countryside—you never know what other spectacular sights you might stumble upon — or even a horseback riding excursion through the fields themselves. Just remember — although these flowers are beautiful, they’re also delicate, so don’t pick them or trample them while exploring.

Lupines are incredibly hardy plants, now growing naturally across much of Iceland’s landscape despite its cold climate. They have become especially popular among local farmers who use them as a way to attract pollinators like bees and butterflies—which helps maintain healthy crop yields throughout the year. Many Icelanders take advantage of lupine season by harvesting these vibrant flowers for medicinal or culinary purposes. Their leaves are said to contain anti-inflammatory properties while their petals make for a delicious addition to salads and soups.

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