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The Centuries-Old Skógafoss Is One of Iceland's Most Powerful Waterfalls

by Matador Creators Feb 2, 2023

Every year, thousands of travelers flock to Iceland to witness its untouched beauty. One of the most impressive natural wonders is the Skogafoss waterfall. Located in the south of Iceland, this stunning waterfall is one of the most powerful falls in Iceland, with a width of 82 feet and a height of 200 feet. It’s fed by the nearby glaciers and snowfields and produces an incredible amount of spray that can be seen from miles away. On sunny days, a beautiful rainbow often forms in front of the falls as well.

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Skogafoss dates back hundreds of years and was once part of an old farmstead called Storhofdi. In fact, legend has it that the farmer who owned Storhofdi hid his treasure behind the waterfall – although no one has ever found it. The area around Skogafoss also provides great hiking opportunities to explore other nearby sites including Eyjafjallajokull volcano and Dyrholaey island.

The beauty of Skogafoss is unparalleled. Its wide cascading falls are framed by lush greenery and surrounded by dramatic cliffs, and the view from below can be enjoyed from both sides of the riverbank, while those who dare to climb the 437 steps up to the top will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views stretching out over the coastline.

Skogafoss is easily accessible by car—the parking lot is just a few hundred meters away from the waterfall—but buses also run regularly from Reykjavik and other nearby towns. Once you arrive at Skogafoss, you can take your time enjoying all its beauty without worrying about crowds; despite being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland, there are rarely any large groups here so you won’t have to worry about competing with other visitors for space or photo opportunities.

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