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Trekking the mountains in Bhutan is the adventure of a lifetime, with Himalayan scenery that seems somehow closer than anywhere else in the region.

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Stuck between China, Tibet, and India, this small country has become one of the world’s most popular mountain destinations. You’ll find more than a dozen different treks here across all levels of difficulty. Jhomolhari is the most popular, taking you to the third-highest peak in the country, past yak pastures and remote mountain villages. But if you’re not trying to spend a week at altitude, the Bumthang Cultural and Gangtey Nature treks last only a couple of days.

The people of Bhutan are famously warm and hospitable, and getting to know them is often more rewarding than any mountain you may climb. The food is also fantastic, full of fresh cheeses and steamy momo dumplings, and we’ll walk you through all the delicious stuff you’ll find at a Bhutanese feast. The country was also the first in the world to go carbon negative, and if you want to learn how they did it, read on. Bhutan truly is a magical country, and while you’ll need an in-person guide once you’re there, Matador can guide you through everything before you get on the plane.

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