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This Ritzy Aspen Hotel Is Famous for Its Personalized Butler Service

Aspen Epic Stays
by Matador Creators May 16, 2023

Out of all the luxurious hotels you can find in Aspen, The St.Regis certainly stands out. One of the most popular choices for travelers looking for upscale experiences, this hotel has a unique history and character. It’s not just a place to stay overnight; it’s a destination in itself. From breathtaking mountain views and personalized butler services to exclusive amenities and gourmet dining, The St. Regis delivers a truly luxurious experience that makes you feel like royalty.

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Located in the midst of the Aspen Ski Resort, St. Regis offers incredibly views of the Rocky Mountains. But it’s not just about the view. The hotel is located steps away from some of the best ski and snowboarding trails, and even during the offseason, you can enjoy wandering through picturesque city of Aspen, which is filled with nightlife, high-end boutiques, and local art galleries.

The St. Regis Hotel has an impressive aesthetic from its exterior to its interior. It’s contemporary design meets rustic charm, making it blend well with the natural beauty of Aspen. The grandeur extends to the hotel’s elegant lobby, decorated with magnificent chandeliers, a huge fireplace, and comfortable seating amidst the breathtaking views of the mountains.

The thing that really sets St. Regis apart, however, is its signature butler service. The service is the epitome of luxury, defined by personalized attention to detail. From booking your dinner reservations to ensuring your favorite snacks are stocked in your room, your butler is there to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Each butler trained by the St. Regis Hotel Aspen is tasked with fulfilling your every need, including arranging spa treatments, providing standout experiences, and reserving ski or snowboarding tickets. You can even get champagne delivered by a dog.

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