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Want a Photo of Japan's Most Famous Mountain? Authorities Set to Block the Best View

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by Katie Scott Aiton Apr 29, 2024

A town in Japan is taking necessary steps to block the iconic panoramic view of Mount Fuji from a popular photo spot due to a surge in tourist crowds trying to get the perfect shot. This has caused frustration and safety concerns for local residents and businesses in the town of Fujikawaguchiko, prompting authorities to erect a mesh barrier to ensure safety and order.

The Japan Times says officials “regrettably” have been forced to take this measure. The local authorities have reported overcrowding, littering, and tourists ignoring traffic regulations while trying to get an iconic photo. This disruptive behavior on a narrow stretch of pavement caused safety hazards and inconvenienced residents and businesses in the area.

The construction of the mesh barrier will begin early this week and will measure 2.5 meters high and 20 meters long. The net will block the view from the Lawson convenience store, a vantage point that has become popular with tourists looking for a perfect photo of Fuji.

The situation highlights the challenges of balancing tourism with the well-being of local communities. Earlier this year, it was announced that tourists would be banned from Japan’s famous Geisha district, Gion in Kyoto, due to the strain on the area’s residents and the geisha community from visitors.

It’s not only Japan that is feeling the strain from visitors. Recently, Matador reported that photography was banned from the escalators at the metro stop outside Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia due to a popular TikTok trend.

While the allure of a great photo opportunity is understandable, respecting local rules and behaving responsibly is crucial for a positive travel experience for everyone.

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