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Everything You Need To Know To Become an Airbnb Superhost

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by Hannah D. Cooper Feb 14, 2024

Not all heroes wear capes. But Airbnb Superhosts sport a neat little badge on their listing signifying credibility and extraordinary customer service.

But what is a Superhost on Airbnb? These are top-rated hosts who have met four requirements. Assessments take place quarterly on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. Airbnb performs evaluations automatically and emails hosts with the super news. There’s no application process so all you need to concern yourself with is actually becoming an Airbnb Superhost – and maintaining it.

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How to become an Airbnb Superhost

The criteria for scoring that fuchsia badge is:

  • Preserve a minimum review rating of 4.8
  • Maintain a minimum response rate of 90%
  • Sustain a cancellation rate of less than 1%
  • Host a minimum of 10 trips (or three reservations totaling 100 nights)

Airbnb reviews are validated and published when both the guest and the host submit feedback within the 14-day limit. Any established Superhost knows the sooner they write theirs, the likelier they’ll earn one in exchange.

Ratings on Airbnb are calculated based on cleanliness, accuracy, check-in, communication, location, and value. Keep this quintet in the forefront of your mind from the early days of becoming an Airbnb host to when reviews start rolling in.

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Treat your Airbnb like a business

Treat your Airbnb like a business, not a side hustle. Ghosting guests after check-in and not caring care of the property will never see you earn (or hang onto) that coveted Supehost distinction. Setting up an LLC for your Airbnb rental inspires business acumen and boosts host credibility.

Keep it clean

It’s so obvious yet needs to be said: a squeaky clean home is a crucial component for how to become an Airbnb Superhost. Any host should oversee a thorough cleaning after every guest checks out. That means a floor-to-ceiling clean of all rooms, appliances, and moveables – paying special attention to the bathroom and kitchen. Linens and towels must be washed, pillows plumped, cobwebs swept away. Hiring a professional cleaning company for your Airbnb is the expense to prioritize.

Maintain an accurate listing

The listing copy must accurately reflect the rental and the photos should be recent. Small decor tweaks here and there needn’t be updated but a major renovation or significant change should be documented. If guests find expected amenities missing, it may reflect the review score. Detail any shortcomings and quirks in the copy that could impact the stay. Noisy neighborhoods, parking charges, poor Wi-Fi, lack of elevators, and information about any pets living on-site are the types of things to share. Honesty is the secret to getting positive reviews for your Airbnb listings: the only surprise they want to see is a welcome bottle of wine.

Price fairly

Airbnbs hosted by top-rated hosts aren’t necessarily the most expensive on the platform. Certain factors – location, luxury amenities, and property size – do equate to higher pricing. But a host with an Airbnb Room or studio suite with minimal trimmings is still worthy of Superhost status. The trick to achieving and maintaining positive reviews for your listings is to ensure the price reflects the space and not to spike the nightly rates the minute you become an Airbnb Superhost.

Amenities that go the extra mile

Thoughtful amenities increase guest comfort and satisfaction. There are several essentials to keep stocked as an Airbnb host. Little things like having seasoning, oil, and coffee in the kitchen cupboards and toiletries in the bathroom are one thing but installing a games cupboard and investing in high-quality mattresses and fixtures makes a host stand out.

Adopt sustainable and responsible practices

Travelers care about the planet and respond well to hosts who share their values. Shopping locally, installing a water filter, Dark Sky-approved lighting, and communicating any other green initiatives on the listing is attractive to conscientious adventurers.

Clear communication

Great communication starts before the booking. Don’t delay replying when a prospective guest reaches out with questions – responsivity is one of the criteria for how to be a Superhost on Airbnb. Ensure your guest knows the best means of contacting you during the stay. It’s wise to have a backup such as WhatsApp or SMS in case of issues with the Airbnb messenger service. If you live on the premises – can the guests knock on your door in case of issues? It’s always worth sending the guest a short note a few hours after the check-in to see how they’re settling in.

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Easy check-in/check-out procedure

Hosts are expected to provide check-in information in advance. This will clarify the precise address, directions, and process. A self-check-in Airbnb requires an external key lock box, the keycode of which must be changed between every guest and communicated at least one day ahead of arrival. Check-out should also be discussed in advance via messenger or in person.

Attractive Airbnb decor

How you style your Airbnb is a whole other category. A beautiful design aesthetic does make a difference to guest satisfaction and communicates attention to detail. Consider the decoration theme as part of the early process of becoming an Airbnb host and ensure it’s cohesive. Create a mood board of Airbnb decoration ideas such as industrial-chic, après ski, bourgeois, rustic, or Scandi minimalism (awesome if you’re on a budget).

Cater to the customer and environment

On top of the basic Airbnb checklist, you can embellish your property to suit your target market and locale. Near the beach? Invest in parasols and bodyboards. Close to ski resorts? Consider storage for boards and boots. Live near a Dark Sky Place? Invest in a telescope. Targeting families? Safety gates, a crib, and a stroller will make you a hit with parents. If you’re renting in a remote working hotspot, solid Wi-Fi and an ergonomic workstation are essential. Board games for a rainy day never go amiss. Anything you can do to streamline guests’ vacations will not go unnoticed.

Avoid cancellations

Hosts are required to adhere to the Airbnb cancellation policy for hosts. Fees apply subject to the cancellation timeframe although charges may be waived due to extenuating circumstances or valid reasons. A cancellation rate exceeding 1% disqualifies a host from becoming a Superhost on Airbnb.

Ask – don’t push – for a review

Encourage the guest to submit a review as part of the check-out process. That applies when checking out in person or doing self-check-out. A simple, “thank you for booking with us, please leave us a review if you have time” is enough. Sending follow-up requests for a review isn’t going to earn you any favors.

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