Matador Originals Presents

Auntie Ann's Filipino Kitchen

5 Episodes

A new kind of Cooking show, straight from the islands.

Episode 1

Auntie Ann's Filipino Kitchen: Episode 1 Grilled Eggplant

Join Auntie Ann, chef of Tao Kantina, as she teaches us how to cook healthy and amazingly good Filipino dishes! Using simple ingredients and just freestyling over a fire of coconut husks, she’s fun and exciting to…

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Episode 2

Auntie Ann's Filipino Kitchen: Episode 2 Seafood Fiesta

Join Auntie Ann as she makes one of Tao Kantina’s most delicious dishes, Seafood Fiesta. This is classic Filipino cooking - a super hot fire, everything stir fried in the wok, and, as she puts it, “crazy…

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Episode 3

Auntie Ann's Filipino Kitchen: Episode 3 Banana Curry Sauce

Here, Auntie Ann makes Banana Curry, a classic Filipino sauce that’s “good for everything.” As with all curries, the base is coconut milk, and for this dish she uses Saba bananas, a cooking banana native to the…

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Episode 4

Auntie Ann's Filipino Kitchen: Episode 4 Stuffed Squid

Ready for the next level of Filipino cooking? Let Auntie Ann guide you though this amazing recipe: stuffed squid. The secret for this one is preparing the oil first by gently boiling your preferred cooking oil for 30…

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Episode 5

Auntie Ann's Filipino Kitchen: Episode 5 Vegetable Stir-Fry

In the final episode of our series, Auntie Ann prepares the classic Filipino vegetable stir fry. If you can't find these exact varieties of squash, don't worry, the key is the cooking method -- a very hot fire and…

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