Lauren trained to be a film director at UCLA then set off in search of her voice after earning her M.F.A. She grounded her journey in yoga and meditation, and followed a map drawn in rainbows across the sky by her Grandma’s spirit. Along the way, training in martial arts in temples in South Korea and China strengthened her body. Facing fires with Shamans in the jungles of Peru and Nicaragua opened her spirit. Creating theater with indigenous elderly in Guatemala jump started her heart. She found the joy of living in Mexico, the art of living in Europe, the balance of living in Japan. Most importantly, she found stories she’s burning to tell lit up by the fireworks and entrenched in the deep currents of being human. Currently, Lauren is teaching film and audio production in Los Angeles and is writing a fairytale with plans to publish and make it into an animated film. Whether directing an opera, or writing a freelance travel article, her goal always is to say to her audience, not “follow me on…” but “journey with me into…”