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What country consumes the most alcohol? Which is the least lactose tolerant? Read on.

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Aya Padron

Aya Padrón draws and writes and loves to see new things.

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  • Jeff Bartlett

    I’ve loved these recent infographics. Great work!

  • Frédéric Gouin

    Disappointing! Doubly landlocked country includes Liechtenstein. The chemical formula for carbon dioxide (CO2) is O=C=O. The “2″ in CO2 should not be an exponent but a subscript. Highest density should not compare a region of China with a country: compare cities with cities and countries with countries. The fact that Russia has 22% of the world’s forest does not make it necessary the most forested country. The most forested country would be the one where forested areas occupy the largest percentage of the national territory.

    • marffyc

      Macao is effectively a separate country linked to China. China is responsible for foreign affairs and defense, while the government of Macao covers everything else. Immigration is therefore controlled by Macao, so population wise it is essentially a different country. Liechtenstein is doubly landlocked, but has borders much closer to the sea than Uzbekistan.

  • Michelle Schusterman

    Really interesting stuff, Aya! 

  • Si

    Wow, what an interesting infographic! I was surprised to see Moldova consumes the most alcohol per person and that poor little Monaco has been in the most Olympics without a medal – maybe in London they’ll end the drought?

  • Molly Nurse

    I love infographics, it’s like learning and art all in one. Haha! Nicely done :)

  • Kathleen Amen

    Fascinating! (with lovely drawings). I had to go google Mt. Thor, as I’d never hear of it…very impressive!

  • Abhi

    Surprised to see India in the venomous snake bites stat – I used to think India had very few venomous snakes – maybe the problem’s with it being an absolute number and not as a % of overall population.

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