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Feature photo by designCL. Photo above by darkpatator.

Amsterdam is renowned for its “coffee shops.” Here are seven of the best.

I’VE ZONED OUT AND my fellow “researchers” are waving away the final joint. They can’t handle anymore either. There are only so many joints you can smoke in a day.

I take out my notepad and we try to convey how we feel about this place. After a few long pauses, we give up, order a drink, and begin to roll another joint. I guess you can never smoke too many.

Matador sent me on assignment in Amsterdam (no expenses paid) to find the best coffee shops in the city. This marked my fourth trip to the city and I was only happy to oblige.

If you are looking for the best of the best, follow your nose to these places for the highest times in Amsterdam.

Author’s Note: Amsterdam recently banned smoking tobacco indoors. This has hurt many of the coffee shops since people in Europe smoke marijuana with tobacco.

A few coffee shops have set up separate areas where people are allowed to smoke inside. A few turn a blind eye to the ban. Most tell you to go outside and offer a herbal tobacco substitute. Ask before you light up.


This coffee shop is out of the city center, making it a “locals only” spot. (I found it with the help of a local.) There’s a big bar with a great selection, much, much cheaper than the center. There’s also a few pool tables, a big screen TV, and a separate smoking room.

The staff is really friendly and the locals are intrigued as to how you found this place. The smoking ban hit this place hard so it’s not as packed as it used to be but it’s more relaxed than other places.

Photo by Cédric Puisney.

De Rokerij

This café is located on the way to Leidsplein and has a mystical ambiance, one long room with dark lights and darker walls with tribal designs for you to stare at all day.

The weed here is good but the place is better known for its atmosphere. You aren’t allowed to smoke tobacco and they offer an herbal substitute. The drinks here are also reasonably priced considering its location.

The Greenhouse

This coffee shop has three locations, the flagship located in the Red Light district. It’s one of the most famous in Amsterdam and the walls are adorned with photos of celebrities to prove it. Their weed constantly wins the Cannabis Cup (try the haze).

Cheap drinks help cushion the blow to your wallet. You can’t smoke inside but there are outdoor tables or you can use the free tobacco substitute they provide. The music is eclectic (I heard Pink Floyd and Snoop Dog in the same sitting) and the décor dark and relaxing. They even have a few coves in the wall to relax in.

Photo by Marilisa.

The Grasshopper

Located in between Damrak and the Red Light district, this coffeeshop wears multiple hats- it’s a bar, restaurant, and coffee shop. Head downstairs for the coffee shop.

They’ve created a separate smoking area down here so you can light up anything smokable. Tables are lined together in close quarters, making it easy to meet people. TVs run in the background and music plays over the speakers. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the weed is reasonably priced.

Hunter’s Café

Hunter’s has been one of my favorites since I started coming to Amsterdam.

Located right at the beginning of the Red Light district, this place is a little touristy, however, the black decor gives a nice lounge feel and there are ample chairs and couches to relax on.

Staff is really friendly and the prices are somewhat cheaper than other shops in the area. They make great shakes, too. There’s no tobacco allowed here, but you can use the substitute they offer. Just head up Warmastraat and look for the giant peeing dog.


Located right off Leidstraat near Liesplein, this coffee shop follows the ocean theme all the way. The walls are painted blue with various sea life images and “coral” is replicated to give this place a true underwater feeling.

Upstairs has the bar and a few tables. You can’t smoke tobacco up there, but head downstairs where the big comfy couches and TV welcome you with open arms. They also offer free wi-fi.


This coffee shop was made famous by the movie “Ocean’s 12″ and has since seen a steady stream of people trying to pretend they’re Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

The shop has a wide open interior with orange painted walls. The various shades of orange are in different shapes to provide for the ultimate psychedelic experience.

Good drinks and good weed are served here at standard prices. The tables have patterns carved into them. They turn a blind eye to smoking inside-if they don’t see it, it’s not there. A lazy cat sits in the window all day to greet you as you come in.

Photo by adjustafresh.

No matter where you go, remember that these coffee shops all share similar characteristics. They have atmosphere, a friendly staff, couches, good drinks, and friendly stoners. Look for that and you’ll find the best coffee shop in Amsterdam.

community connection

Some of our community members who’ve lived in Amsterdam for extended periods have gotten over the coffee shops. Here’s one excellent article for those out there who’d like to check out other things while in Amsterdam: 10 Things to do in Amsterdam Besides Smoking Pot.

We’ve got all kind of travelers checking throughout Europe and the rest of the world, come, check in with us.

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Matt Kepnes gave up the cubicle to pursue a life of adventure, hoping to avoid an office for the rest of his life. You can find his daily musings at Nomadic Matt.

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  • primeroz

    Nice list, i miss the first one … look like i have to plan another trip to "the Capital". IMHO the "Blue Bird" should be there

  • Dan

    Just looks like a rip off of lonely planet. Most of the ones you mention are just tourist traps now. If you want a decent place try abraxas – will always get a seat and has an interesting crowd.

  • dan2

    I have to agree with Dan on this one… I stumbled across Abraxas randomly and ended up going back there a few times for their laughing buddah strain… it was delicious, I couldn't find it anywhere but there. Its also a real quiet place outside of the touristy areas.

  • Regretful Morning

    I've been to Doplhins – good times

  • Zup

    I too agree with Dan. I have fond memories of Abraxas in my travels to the Dam.

  • Kev

    It's 'Leidsestraat', 'Leidseplein' and 'Warmoesstraat'.

  • Comic Strip

    Great list, Amsterdam is on the to-visit list, and whenever I finally get there, I'll be pulling up this bookmark :)

  • fricky

    "This one's too reggae, this one's too new wave."

  • Richard

    amsterdam is not renown for anything, it's renowned for blah blah journalists can't spell these days?

  • JB

    The Gray Area is my favorite. Damned hard to find, run by a couple of Americans, and tiny inside. More of a pick up and go kind of place. But they have great hash (Golden Soles), kif, and some great AK-47.

  • nomad

    forgetting about barney's? Don't really care about the ambiance – just want the goods

  • JDR

    The first thing I thought when I saw this list, was wait a minute, no Abraxas ?? But after reading he comments, it doesn't surprise me that they've already had several shout outs from others. The last time I was in Amsterdam was 200, but my brother and I practically lived in Abraxas while there. We'd buy a couple of their white widow pre-rolled joints and head for the upstairs where we usually has the intire floor to ourselves… Good times…

  • john

    What?! Where's the "Bull Dog"? I was enjoying the hash…while wondering about the name of the Coffee House. Sure enough, a Bulldog walked over, and climbed into the chair next to me! I sat there looking at me, and I sat there waiting for him to speak. Wow, was I high! My friend came back from the bar, and was laughing so hard at the two of us that he spilled his drink, The dog hopped off the seat and licked the drink up off the floor. I love "the Bulldog Coffee house"

  • Davideo

    Wow, good to see you stony yanks still don't know how to get out of the center of town. This list is about as helpful as the inflight mag, But then, i'm not complaining used to work in a coffeshop and got sick of you guys telling me how much greener the grass is at home, just before you pass out.

  • Havoc_Evermore

    Add Ali Baba's to the list. Nothing better than doing Bong hits across the street from a Police station.

  • Chadwick von Chadson

    I wholeheartedly agree with the people recommended Abraxas, they had the best hash brownies that I have encountered in the city, very potent and reasonably priced. Gray Area is awesome, just because the owner is very open and extremely knowledgeable. He'll take his time explaining to you how he grew a particular strain and give you solid recommendations.

  • bob

    Yeah i went to the blue bird, it 's a really nice place

  • Fynci

    Any list which lists the Grasshopper is pretty much rendered useless I'm afraid. Horrible expensive tourist trap with zero atmosphere – avoid that one at all costs.

  • MJ-CW

    As an expatriate living in Amsterdam, I can honestly say that hardly any locals frequent these places. With of course the exception of Trinity. To anyone visiting Amsterdam I would recommend Dutch Flowers in the 9 block area and there are several extremely relaxed places in Amsterdam-Zuid. The southern part of the city away from the center but not far by any standards is where the more affluent people live. There you will find the best coffee shops with locals and more consistent music. Abraxas is indeed a very nice place and I've been there many times. If you're in the center, I would also recommend a coffee shop (sorry I can't remember the name!) next to the Amsterdam Grand Sofitel on Oudezijds Voorburgwal. In the summer the entire front of the shop opens up and the view to the canal where you can watch people walk by is fantastic.

  • Ron

    Abraxas has been good. Back in 1992-1994 ..

  • Cameron

    Lol, I was waiting for a local to tell me how they really feel about Americans. I'll keep that in mind if I have to move there to avoid living in this wire-tapped fear factory.

  • ChinaRider

    The Grasshopper reminded me of Benigans for some reason. None of us liked it that much. One of my favorites was Barneys. Awesome breakfast, good smoke (get the Laughing Buddha), and fun/nice people working there.

  • Beartha

    Agreed on Grey Area. We went to Europe/Amsterdam to follow String Cheese Incident on their European tour. We were told alot of bands going through town goto the grey area. We ended up going to check it out. Very very small… But really cool people, good prices, and some of the best weed I smoked while there.

  • Amsterdammer

    I live here. Grey Area, Barneys, and Resin are frequented by the locals for their superior products. Your list sucks; you copied it out of some guidebook full of tourist traps. Resin has the best hash in Holland and Barneys and Grey Area have the best weed in Amsterdam. If you're in town and have time, I suggest the train to Rotterdam, a 35 minute ride, the exact same weed can be bought significantly cheaper at the coffee shops there and the city was bombed out during WWII and rebuilt in the 50's and 60's. It looks like they were high when they rebuilt it.

  • Amsterdammer

    If you come here and buy a pre-rolled joint, you will immediately stand out as a tourist a$$hole. We hate you and want you to go home. If you come and roll up a "blunt" and act like an obnoxious tourist and smoke it walking around town, we hate you, go home. If you come and are polite and follow our laws instead of acting like anything goes, enjoy your stay.

  • Amsterdammer

    You, sir, are a douche bag. Only foreign a$$holes buy prerolled joints and any local will tell you that the weed in the prerolled joints is not what they advertise it as, but tourists can't tell because it's already been spun up. Welcome to marketing, son.

  • Amsterdammer

    The Laughing Buddha at Abraxas is grown from the seeds you can buy at Barney's. The guy who owns Abraxas is a douche bag who is known around Holland for taking strains from Barney's, Sensi Seeds, and other banks and having them grown as if he developed the line. Learn something before you try to give advice to tourists, and quit supporting the a$$holes who can't/won't do their own work.

  • Amsterdammer

    You have an entire floor to yourself because the place sucks

  • Amsterdammer

    Stay away from the Bulldogs. It's a chain and their weed is grown in a massive scale and thus it's not very good.

  • Amsterdammer


  • Amsterdammer

    Hate to break it to you, buddy, but this list sucks and will have you going to some of the shittier shops around town.

  • Amsterdammer

    Thanks Yank. If you want to smoke next to the Police Station, fine, but buy your weed elsewhere and maybe it won't suck.

  • Amsterdammer

    Sorry, buddy, but you're wrong. All of the hash brownies and space cake you may have eaten in town is garbage. A few years back, we outlawed hash oil in the baked goods that coffee shops carry, so they're all incredibly weak and tourists are no longer passing out cold in the streets. If you got real stoned, you must be new to cannabis. Further, the owners of shops NEVER grow their own weed as growing is illegal in Holland, so whatever they told you was pure rubbish, but I'm sure they enjoyed your business.

  • Amsterdammer

    Finally, some good advice on here that I don't have to correct. Thanks.

  • nomadic matt

    @AMSTERDAMMER: There's hundreds of cofeeshops in amsterdam and I picked seven. i've been to the ones you named and grey area is also very touristy and it's also very very small and that's why it didn't include it. there's so many everyone has there favorite but i picked some people go too and a one that didn't. in a list of seven, footing my own bill, i'm not going to visit every coffeeshop in amsterdam. I liked bluebird but some had to get cut. If you pay my expenses, i'll come back and try them all. but unlike all the dutch i know, you're not very nice. maybe next time leave a helpful comment instead of calling people douchebags.

  • Dink

    As I have to travel to Amsterdam quite often on work, and sometimes only for 1 night, I don't fancy wasting a load of weed. I'd much rather buy a few pre-rolled for my couple of hours in town. Funnily enough, while I might seem very much like a tourist, I'm not sure I'm an asshole. You, however, are.

  • bubs

    You are a rude, arrogant and judgemental person! Stop calling us assholes! Not all Amsterdam tourists are idiots and we dont all go there for the cannibis! You gave the impression that you hate tourists…well, you know what…If Holland didnt have any, you'd be kind of doomed…economy wise etc! So, be grateful for something atleast you " think you know everything" ASS!!!

  • Bigdogg

    My brother and I couldnt get a room in A-dam and stayed in Jaarle. A great little town, everything Amsterdam has but smaller and easier to get to the cafes, which were great. We were not disappointed. Great country.

  • Bigdogg

    Haarlem, not Jaarle.

  • Hominidx

    You're a tough guy on the internet.

  • Hominidx

    Die in a fire, loser.

  • diddi

    Betty Boop Coffee shop was a good one – they had an amazing blueberry mix that was really really really nice – highly reccommended. I think they won an award or something for their stuff.

  • The Devil Smoker

    Katsu coffee shop in the Albert Cuyp Market area. Black Widow cannabis cup 07 winner on sale here, and prices are very reasonable


    I agree for the Katsu, one of the best I know … but the problem is, too many good coffee shops in the city. It think that it just depends the feeling of the moment. If you like good stuff and good ambiance : Katsu, Barney's, De Dampkring, Grey Area, Greenhouse Namaste, Global Chillage, Happiness, Siberia, De Rockerij, Abraxas, Resin (for hasch), The Pool Dog (a little pool between friends …Wow) … and many others. BEWARE of very very touristic coffee shops like The Bulldog, The Grasshoper, Baba, ……. and many others too. EVERYBODY HAS HIS OWN TEN TOP LIST

  • Amsterdamer's G

    Too amsterdamer: I think its very unfair to speak for the entire city when you say "we hate you go home", People hate a$$holes like you not foreigners you silly twit. Try and be a nicer person and perhaps you won't hate everyone. ps i am Canadian, and i think your more of an asshole than any American i have met. :)

  • Amsterdammer

    You must go to ONLY the coffeeshops that I like. Do not partake in any pre-rolls. Failure to comply with the shops I list requires that I must call you names.


    stay out the ones selling beer and alchole and your golden, and i liked the Bluebird too, till it got all crowded. fav was barneys breakfest bar, the food was grrrreat!

  • FrenchHashAddict

    The BlueBird is DEFINITIVELY one of the best coffee shop, extremely good hash quality. i recommend also the shiva coffee shop (juste near sensi seed coffee shop in red district). Anyway, there are lots of bad bad bad coffee shop, with ugly expensive weed. Avoid touristic coffee shop.

  • Belgian Lady

    Best Hash i've ever found in holland was at the bluebird. A little bit expensive, but nepalese, indian and afghan Hash were really, really awesome.

  • Gub

    I love Dutch Flowers. Beautiful location and nice atmosphere.

  • Stoner Girl

    Not trying to provoke, really. But…you keep down grading everyone and their opinions, without really offering any alternatives… I mean first, do you completely hate tourist? Aren't stoners somewhat good for your economy? I mean, with all do respect, I dream of one day visiting you to enjoy the coffee shops, but seriously, not if I know that every local is going to think I'm a total douchebag just because I'm there and enjoying. I can think of a lot cheaper ways to have someone judge me. Second, unless I just haven't read far enough down… what are some good places then? Do you have places you WOULD recommend?

  • yecats75

    I was there two years ago, and after about 5 visits, FINALLY got to cozy up at the window on one of those awesome little hobbit benches ;0) I took a picture from my seat, and labeled it "The Best Seat in Amsterdam". I agree, this was my fave. The name is Kadinski I think… I also liked La Tortulia- a little pricey, but they have outdoor tables overlooking the canal, and open at like 9 in the morning….perfect for an illy and a smoke…. Will definitely be headed back during my trip this April ;0)

  • nostalgia_prone If this is where you were thinking about, I was there in 2001. I loved it. Helped them get their iMac back up and working on the Net while my wife and I were partaking. Awesome music. Neat little place. Great service. Very comfortable. I hope I get to go back one day. And I wish there was a better website for this gem: OMG, between Kadinsky's, the museums, the food (I miss the European yogurt and cheese), the people, the flea market, walking here and there, and ending up at Puccini's… It was perfect. One day, I'll order some chocolates from them and have them delivered to the states… I think about them at least once a month- even still.

  • Jako greene

    lmao. i like amsterdammers style

  • Toni

    Dan I support you big time, everytime I arrive to Amst. I first pass by Abraxas, great mood, great cool crowd and friendly staff!

  • ross

    Outside of City Centre, go with "Cafe Little" it is on Vijzelstraat and the Weteringsdwarsstraat section. It is like 6ft high but pillows all over to make for a comfortable setting. I was surprised you mentioned Grasshopper (though thankful you left out the Bulldog!), but for one shop with multiple locations i would go with Kadinsky (the best is just off Rokin), the others are closer to Centraal Station. Also, for those who love Dampkring as much as I did (BEFORE Ocean's 12), a few blocks away is Tweede Kamer. They have the same menu, the place is about the size of a postage stamp, but if you get a seat, keep it, the staff are the friendliest in town and it has a great selection. Grey Area is also terrific with some of the strongest bud in A'dam but it is just so crowded all the time and not as comfortable a vibe as the other places…

  • ross

    oh yeah, and Abraxas has weed MILKSHAKES! how can you beat that??

  • jyw

    Everyone, including Amsterdammer, knows that the Dutch are a bunch of rude, xenophobic d-bags, and the only reason we all tolerate them is for their tulips, weed and pannekoeken.

  • Nederlander

    Just another Amsterdammer would like to say all are welcome. We appreciate people taking the opportunity to visit our city (so don't waste all your time inside coffeeshops). I would have to agree: don't buy any prerolled joints. If you are afraid you won't be able to finish a whole bag, you can also ask for a smaller amount. Personally, I prefer to smoke outdoors, try Sarphatipark in De Pijp.

  • yecats75

    Yup! That's the one! Took us forever to find it too! Thanks for the tip on the sweets…looks sinful ;0)

  • Fred (Dutchman)

    Bluebird is a must – great selection Cashmir Lounge is the bomb… they opended a bar nxt door so you can drink and smoke. They also have food and dj But if your looking for the best weed…ou should check out the cannabis cup winners for the last year.

  • OleoleOle

    Wow Amsterdammer, you sir are an incredible douchebag! Let's get things straight, I love the Netherlands and I have been there many times, however you talk pretty tough for a man from a country who's biggest exports are teen porn movies, tulips, and K1 fighters…I know, I know, Holland once was a grand nation and for a short period the capital of the world, but to clarify we are not in the 17th century and there is no need for you to be such a smug asshole. I recommend you go to California, take advantage of prop 215 and skin up on the beach…it may help you become a more relaxed and better person!

    • Paula

      That is just why many Americans are so unpopular in other countries! Your comments about Holland are extremely ill-considered, when you take into account that Holland doesn’t bankrupt its people by running all over the world sticking its nose (and armies, weaponry, etc.) into countries that are not running according to the American standards. I was born in Rotterdam, Amsterdam is my favourite city in the world and I find your remarks about amsterdammer so obnoxious that words fail me!

  • matt mernagh

    love the De Rokerij spent my birthday there! great cannabis cafe. decent list. everyone has their favorite. cannabis culture just listed 30 of their favorite too.

  • Dutchie

    Amsterdammer is such a dramaqueen :) All the other Dutchies welcome you with open arms! Nothing wrong with American tourists, they make great conversations. ;) Oh and try Rotterdam. Not as scenic as Amsterdam -because of WWII- but it's cheaper (especially the weed!) and has better clubs and bars.

  • Tourista

    For three weeks we toured throughout the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, among many things, we tried out all the coffee shops. And as some of you say: some very small, some catered strongly towards tourists and others were too something or another… We found that each had their good points too. So I think preference just depends on what is important to you personally. What you find likeable or dislikeable is to your discretion. For us, all in all we LOVED Amsterdam as a whole… loved the museums, the restaurants, the atmosphere, the coffee shops, the fondues, and the trams/trains… and loved the Dutch people… lots of great conversation and all the people we met were so wonderfully hospitable. My suggestion for all you bloggers on this website: don't take Amsterdammer so seriously… He's obviously dealing with some negative personal issues… and not expressing himself very well as a result. … maybe the result of a canabis hangover and just needs to take a break??!! My point is that he's not the typical Amsterdammer. Demeaning and arrogant dutch are few and far between. Go to Amsterdam… try everything… and ENJOY!! You'll be glad you did.

  • Haj Ycodrum

    -fairplay mate – that's what it's about – chuffin in fronta the fuzz. -f'kin decent.

  • Haj Ycodrum

    -youv inspired me to go to Rotterdam now – i was there for about 5 mins once and it confused me as i couldnt even find the center – but then i was probably fairly whacked already – sounds worth the search!

  • Haj Ycodrum

    - ya know, if people cant tell what good, crystal-coated bud is, they might as well smoke parsley. Sigh. One day, the world will be shrouded in billions of real nice folk, grinders in hand, seivin-up the best varieties to create a mix of powder so fine, it will free the world of shite. – well, you'd hope so, anyway – it's kinda gettin about time for it.

  • big paul

    fair corlmment i go there twice a year to enjoy myself but without fail some local bob marley lookalike has to be a smartarse and comment on wat a partime smoker i am as if i care what the asswipe thinks

  • SlamDunc

    Nothing worse than a know it all that doesn't really know anything. You are definately right in some of your responses but your being a tool man. Peace brother, we are all people man. Sure Americans enjoy coffee shops in your beautiful city because you have a special kind of freedom we don't have. Your people are awesome, but the too cool for school thing is tired man. Smoke on brother, smoke on.

  • SlamDunc

    Now see thats an awesome post and very good advice. I could be wrong about you my man… but we'll see. JK big Love brother. Smoke on

  • paddy

    that amsterdamer guy sounds like an american (used the word douche-bag) or candian who has maybe lived there a while and thinks he knows it all. it's pretty daunting visiting amsterdam for the first time, with so many strains to choose from when back home your extremely lucky to even have a choice. having said that this list is crap for people who have visited amdam before. putting a place like the grasshopper on this list is a disgrace. ok its nicely decorated and the switch to turn on the light to see the menu is a novelty but their prices are way too high and it has zero atmosphere. although not the place for a seasoned smoker it appeals to the first time visitor to amsterdam. Each to his own i'd say. but i really like the rokerij and the grey area, abraxas is comfortable and resin is a good one too. try and avoid a place called free adam though, if it's even around anymore. total shite, more like a cafeteria were people smoke than a coffeeshop. my first coffeeshop experience. it was around the corner from the hostel.

  • traveller

    I must say I have been enjoying cannabis for the past 15 years of my life. By no means am I a lightweight, and I have had the pleasure of visiting spectacular Amsterdam several times. That said, the best bud I have ever smoked in my life was at Barney's. Perhaps it is because I had just returned to Amsterdam from 2 weeks of sobriety whilst visiting Tunisia, but i bought 3g of Honey B and was virtually tripping after about 4 drags off the joint. Walls and faces were bending, background became foreground, and foreground became background. Reality was doing sommersaults. WOW. A truly remarkable experience. Fortunately, the seeds of said strain have been imported to my country and are in the process of swelling under a HPS as we speak. Yay! Other than Barney's phenomenal produce, I believe its fair to say that when visiting Amsterdam you should delight in exploring that gorgeous city and any of the coffeeshops you may stumble across. Some will appeal to you and others wont, but you are sure to discover a little gem of a place that suits your mentality nicely. In the end, thats what we are all ultimately getting at in this post. Personally I prefer more chill, less touristed places with great music over those big hyped-up places like the Bulldog or the Grasshopper, but IM not one to say what you may like. Just be sure to wander and make your own discoveries, and you will have a great time.

  • Barbie

    I think traveller makes alot of sense. And i also think the 7 the author choose were not bad at all. From someone who hasnt visited the cities perspective, there is an abundance of difference in the list. Decent Hash, Decent Weed, Good Atmos, and A less Tourist locals Hangout. Any one who has been, and my 3rd visit will be next Friday, will have formed there own opinions on a list. And if they have had a bad experience with a Bud tender, but hey Not everyone has the same experience and what floats your boat my sink anothers… The city is beautiful, and you will enjoy yourself if you go with an open mind, and some strong legs.. And the weed and hash are great anywehre, there are cleary better than other place, and i think most have been mentioned above…

    My 1 peace of advice, mind the stairs in some of the coffee shops, there bloody dangerous, epsecially if youve had a fat one.

    Just respect the individual coffee shops way of doing things, (find out if you may smoke, buy a drink, ask them if you can smoke stuff from other coffee shops, if they agree to that you will have to buy a drink for sure) and be polite… manners dont cost nothing.. your in there country, try to remember that,

  • andyboy

    whats up with all the childish namecalling and judging of each others tastes?
    as far as i can see, we are all tourists on this blogg and why pretend to be experts and retorical?

    I had a great time last week visiting Amsterdam from Copenhagen (thats Denmark).
    i went to galleries and checked out the city like any other tourist.
    In the evening i visited the bulldog, dampkrijng, roekerij and betty boops.
    i dont smoke alot and therfore prefered the bulldog on the singel cuz of the friendlyness and atmosphere of the place more than the ability to get supperpotent stuff. It worked fine for me, and the personel helped me find what i was looking for.
    i went o this site to get tips for visits in the future, not to read childish arguing and respectless judging of each others tastes and experiences.
    I think Amsterdam is amazing and the people of amsterdam is extremely friendly, helpfull and not at all like many of you guys here.
    im not tryng to generalize, but many americans should learn to respect other peoples choices, ideas and tastes and relax more.
    love and peace from denmark ;-)

  • wannabe amsterdamer

    anyone know amsterdam realy well? im goin in may and iv heard ppl say it aint wat it used 2 it still the amazing place i imagin or is it rundown or anything especily as its all about the money now (in england anyway)

    thanks happy smoking

  • Cesare Gualandi

    do oh
    I’m looking for a job in Amsterdam but I’m not Dutch speaking
    any one can help me?
    I live in Italy (Bologna) now but wanna come up to live in Neederland
    I’m Technical for Meccanical Industries – Cad 3D Designer and speak fluent English
    I’ve turn Europe with car in Holidays but the only place I like is Neederland
    I’m hard smokers and need a place who is allowd to smoke like coffee shop man backstages…
    Amsterdam is the place more beautifull of the Europe !!!
    come and see whith your good trip
    If I can I run up quickly
    ciao ciao

  • Me

    You were only off by 6

    Grey Area
    The Green Place
    Tweede Kamer

  • MUR

    I agree with all of the Abraxas supporters – I loved in Amsterdam for a year and this koffieshop was always my favorite – sitting on the top floor with a pear juice watching the people float by – fun!

  • MUR

    I agree with all of the Abraxas supporters – I lived in Amsterdam for a year and this koffieshop was always my favorite – sitting on the top floor with a pear juice watching the people float by – fun!

  • Tom “I’m way too high to roll” Miles

    Cesare Gualandi:
    The Netherlands has the highest percentage of English speakers in any “non-english-speaking” country, over 85%, so you should have no trouble landing a job there with that kind of expertise, and of course being an EU citizen you wont have to go through any kind of visa nightmare to work there :)

    I like this list, but of course everyone has their own experiences. The place I got the most wrecked out of those seven was Dolphin, which my friend and I stumbled upon last time; probably the only time that a pre-rolled has genuinely floored me, and that was after 2 days solid of smoking Amsterdam’s finest.

    One place I like is Der Kroon, its right off Damrak and I know its open by 9am, so if youve come on an early flight and want a nice, clean-cut, modern atmosphere for your first smoke its great, really feels like a classy bar and the music is good too. On the other end of the scale I found a jamaican type place near the Heineken brewery, pretty grotty but it had a very “real” feel and played some great reggae, so it was great for that stereotype experience.

    Someone mentioned Betty Boop coffeeshop earlier, I liked the atmosphere and its right across from a steak-house in case you get some killer-munchies, but beware that their hash-spliff is pretty tobacco heavy and seemed pretty hash-light, but that might just have been a bad experience.

    We (as stoners) are so lucky that Amsterdam is not just a weed-paradise, its also a beautiful city which is amazing to just walk around; the Venice of the north. I remember being upstairs in a coffeeshop, completely stoned out of my head with my friend, and there were 5 people on this table next to us, when Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” came on. And everyone was just dead silent, feeling the music so much they couldnt speak, then we just cracked up laughing at how amazing it was. It was a beautiful moment, and its moments like that which make me love the place.

    Im going on my fourth trip to ‘dam in two weeks, after five dry months in a country where one joint can land you behind bars for five years.
    I can’t wait :)

  • Zwniana

    If almost 18(17 and a half) and go to a coffeshop in amsterdam will i be able to buy a splif? Or is it illegal?

  • Barbie

    Zwniana are you stupid, or are you just acting as immature as your age states you should be.


    how hard is that to understand.. The chaps who run the coffee shops are like minded stoners, who have been doing this a number of years and can sniff out wannabe 17 year olds from a mile off.

    Im 6feet8 and 23 years old, i was asked on 2 occassions on my last jounrey in March..

    Hope this answers your question, sorry if sounded rude, but OMG what a stupid question to ask..

    • Zwniana

      No prob Barbie but in matter of fact a friend of mine that comes from holland told me that it’s legal if you’re 16+. That’s why i asked. I’ve never visited Holland and how could i knew? He come’s from there. Sorry for even bothering you answer this (stupid) question!

  • Barbie

    Zwniana, sorry mate i was a little harsh. And if your a fellow stoner i extend my handshake as an apology.

    The only reason i took of on the deep end is its clearly stated everywhere and its quite common knowledge.

    Also it can get the propriators into trouble..

    But hey, go with an open mind, dont look nervous when you enter coffee shops, dont be a typical (yank) tourist, been immature and been like WOW omg… sorry americans..

    And treat the staff with respect, and im sure they will serve you mate.

    Have fun dude toke up..

    • Zwniana

      Thanks man, I will of course!!…. Another maybe stupid question that i would like to make is… Does anyone know for sure any hotel or (hostel) in Amsterdam that doesn’t cost a fortune and you’re able to smoke….. in the room.

  • samsonkraft

    Thanks Matt for such informative post. Last year when I visited Amsterdam I visited Trinity. I found it exactly the same you have mentioned. It was very cheap and the staff was really friendly..

  • Anton

    Good selection of coffeeshops, but for those trying to follow along on a map: change Leidsplein and Liesplein to ‘Leidseplein’ and Leidstraat to ‘Leidsestraat.’

    Also, there are some changes coming up in the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene. For instance, Amsterdam has announced it will close 26 coffeeshops in and around the Red Light District. This is done in an effort to combat criminal influence in the area, and to spruce up downtown in the process.

  • Flamingo

    Morocco guys ,,Moroccoooooooooo brodas ,, the city is called Ktema ,, Check it our ….Try the kiff of the riff ,,never regret >>

  • Greg Rees

    I lived in Amsterdam for a few months and must say you have missed quite a few and selections like grasshopper make me wonder if you really knew what you were doing.

    The best weed in the city bar none is at the grey area. We’re talking 20% plus THC and buds that make your face numb. They also have some great bongs for you to use.

    Around the corner is Amnesia where they have a great air filtration system, delicious espresso and snacks, and a variety of games you can use while there.

    I bought most of my bud at a spot called happy people near the red light district. They won’t tell you the names of your weed unless you ask but its some of the best in the city and cheapest. while i was there, they’re best stuff was 30 euro for 5 grams.

    Another oft overlooked place in amsterdam is the hookah lounges. One I believe is called lost im amsterdam. buy some christmas pollen hash at de rokerijj (good selection) then ask the manager at lost in amsterdam to sprinkle it on your hookah. Prepare to sink into your pillow and prob fall asleep. I once took 8 friends there and 6 of them were out in 30 mins.

    The best guide is just to wander tho. There are so many places to go in amsterdam. don’t walk the beaten path this man is taking you on.

  • IrishYank

    I’m really surprised no one has mentioned El Guapo. The smoke is terrific. My advice is to avoid any of the bigger, well known chain shops, or even shops like La Canna that aren’t chains but that are bigger and well known. You will pay more for inferior quality smoke. I will say that certain things make you stand out as a tourist, but I haven’t noticed tourists being treated differently or being charged more. Unfortunately, as is in most countries, Americans are likely the most deapised of tourists. This is because of our leaders choices, media, etc. The best thing to do is simply not get upset and act like a f**k about it, just show them how cool American citizens can actually be. Or say your Canadian ;0)

    • Paula

      How sad to have to lie about your nationality in order to be accepted!


    Hmmm, i have commented twice already on here.. And will again..

    Lets not turn another nice discussion into a political dispute. In all the 7 visits i have made as a English/Australian, Americans stand out like a saw thumb.. They tend to think there above the general public and other tourists over there. They tend to travel in large groups which gives them that superior feeling and alot of the time they dont use the basic principles of manners.

    I always go out of my way to learn a few more words and phrases when i go, and believe me im treat with respect as i treat the tenders and staff..

    Although i also state Americans if any tourists are the ones who are taken for a ride, your baseball caps and bright tshirts and ridiculous sneakers (trainers) set you apart from the rest of the world, and you have TARGET written all over your head…

    But i must say on the flip side of that Americans bring alot of money to the country, they do enjoy there weed, and alot that i have met do know there stuff, they can also be very good to talk to.. Just like the rest the the world are.. Americans get alot of unwelcome attention which isnt always deserved..

    Tourists (18 – 30) year old Americans cannot be pinned with there govenrments decisions, thats ridiculous, they cannot help that troops are in the middle east etc etc… so Lay of on that front.. Because your picking scabs that arent there… looking for any excuse to hate..

    Peace love n all that stuff…

  • woowoo

    Lost in Amsterdam…
    we go there every time it is the best place in Amsterdam with great staff, like my second family :-)

  • Leigh

    One more place I’d like to add. It’s called The Rokery (not to be confused with de Rokerij). I went one day to edit a book manuscript but somehow forgot to take it with me. Instead, I spent my time there people watching and chatting with the manager and the women behind the bar.

    I learned a lot that day about living and growing up in Amsterdam, why you can’t wear a hat when going downstairs, and how to generally confuse everyone who walks in the door (that seemed to be the manager’s sport, but he gave me a break).

  • altabrewer

    There are some disgusting comments on this blog, many that are very insulting to the city of Amsterdam, and especially to the Dutch in general. Shame on you, and to ‘paddy’, who labels ‘amsterdammer’ as a Canadian. Who the fuck are you? I’m Canadian, proudly! That puts you right beside that obviously unstable person.

    Nice list, nice offering of the time to write about it, I read somewhere to go to De Rokerij, or I wouldn’t have known about it, best place I had the chance to go to in two days I was lucky to spend in Amsterdam on my way through Europe.

    Peace and Love

  • sarah snildal

    whicked , best weed i ever smoked was i a little town called totnes i southwest England , made my stepdad sick even just opening the bag i the same room as him tihi :)

  • candice

    i love the mention of the lazy cat in dampkring and the picture in the window…it makes me happy to know that the cat is a staple, as i will certainly be looking for it next time i go to amsterdam….the mexican haze at dampkring was probably the best weed i’ve ever smoked

    …what a great city, one where i’m certain everyone leaves with the desire to return ASAP for some more discoveries and adventures…can’t get enough

    • Christian Helv

      As a business person looking for low key, relaxing place to stop in for a very light smoking of the weed (very light) is the “Old Church Coffee Shop”. This is located in the red light district just across from the Old Church. It’s comfortable, relaxing first floor. I like the green tea and a 50/50 cig. Very cool place and I highly receommend to the American business traveler requriing privacy.

  • samir

    it s not true coffeeshop crush is not in the liste

  • jgp

    Lived in Holland for a few months last year. The Dutch people were awesome and friendly and helpful to this American. I think they’re known for their tolerant attitude towards all people and their recreational habits. Enough with the “ugly American” commentary. It’s so tired already. Can’t we just celebrate this beautiful city? Katsu is awesome. So is DampKring even if it’s touristy it’s a cool place to hang out and they have tasty juice. Spacecake at Betty Boop was amazing. Rokerij is legendary and a must visit as is Grey Area. I just love love love Amsterdam. Can’t wait to go back. Note…due to the recent changes in the law you cannot get cake outside of Amsterdam.

  • catfish420

    ive been to amsterdam i think they should lower the age limit to 16 it would be alot better

  • Poris

    Im going there next week for a day (shame, i really want to smoke more)

    De Rokerij is safe, last year when i went i got some nice “casablanca” hash that tasted great. The others on the list look a bit commercial, i avoided them and will do again.

    Im definately going to go back to the Grey Area, provided its not packed (ie more than 5 people)

  • amit

    im going on Tuesday for 2 days, cant wait :D

    had a top time at grey area, spent the longest there nearly 4 hours,(lol yeah it is a bit on the small side) ended up chating to some mma fighter on his way to japan. great vibe and Amazing bud!

    Barneys is another place were you can get top notch cup winning bud. as its near the station its always a first stop when i been to dam. The cafe opposite is a nice place with ok food. good idea though as it can get busy in the coffeshop.

    oh yeah and waterworks from Dampkring 60 euro a gram but well worth it, amazing high. defo gonna get some’a that :D

  • Morgan

    I went to the Dam last July. It was the single most thrilling holiday I’ve had with friends. We went for 4 days/ 3 nights…. ample for getting a good vibe and absorbing the Amsterdam culture, although i wish I could have stayed longer.

    I genuinely dont remember most of the names of the coffeeshops that I frequented over my trip (no prizes for guessing why), but I do remember Abraxis being brilliant.Oh and Barneys (both the coffeeshop and the restaurant) – had a nice experience watching an extravagant American couple sample some ‘boom ting’ via the vaporizor…. he was so loud when he exhaled, constantly voicing how it tasted and how he felt…. which I have no problem with as it was hilarious! =] I have to agree with a previous comment from above which mentions the grasshopper. I felt the staff was very unfriendly, didn’t seem to care that we were genuine customers.

    Lowering the age to 16 is a stupid idea, there would be too many ‘minors’ abusing it and putting a real dent on the culture.

    Still, I’d love to eventually end up living and working in Amsterdam. Let’s hope.

    Enjoy the haze x

    • Dann

      Why is it a bad idea to lower the age to 16? Most teenagers do abuse the drug i admit, but some smoke it for the reasons you do and most of us do. I will be visiting amsterdam in january and me and my friend wont give the dam a bad name nor will other teens. Some i cant speak for! lol

  • Sarah

    All of those coffeeshops are quite touristy and crowded. My personal favorite is coffeeshop sanementereng. Supery cheap and cozy.

  • Mary&Stacey

    Yeah mint hol gud coffe shops PHAT BUD hahahahahah cina .

  • Senseo Coffee Pods

    They are look awesome and cool from outside i wonder how inside is it. I’ll get there some day to watch and try their coffee.

  • asshole

    I like marijuana!

  • Hicmogoug


    It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!

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  • Kitwanga

    Thanks, good review.
    I’ve been to Holland three times, toking all day, every day about 4 weeks total.
    Some Favorites:
    Dampkring II (pro: great smoke; two comfortable levels for getting really baked; clean modern toilet; con: line-ups, budtender always rather aloof, pricey)
    The Grey Area (pro: great smoke and service; Hallelujah! FREE coffee refills in big mugs!!; friendly, clubhouse vibe–like you are part of ‘the gang’; con: very small, chairs are cold hard steel, very busy, 12-8pm, crappy toilet)
    The Greenhouse [any location] (pro: comfortable, consistent quality, wide selection of well known strains, professional service, their Trainwreck was the tastiest, happiest weed I smoked on my last trip; con: Centraal prices)
    Abraxas: for the same reasons already well noted in others comments
    Amnesia: My whole being pulsed and shuddered as I stood up, like a shroom trip. “Uhh…Where am I?” I literally thought that misty evening as I left this cozy, cocktail-bar-style coffeeshop after smoking a small spliff of some truly overpowering weed. It took an hour or two of wandering around Jordaan to find my hostel, normally a 5 min. walk :-)
    Willy Wortel’s Sativa, Haarlem: the Amnesia Haze (I think) trip I had there was profound…
    Ocean: locals’ shop in de Pijp, comfy smoking room; really tasty, cup-winning Silver Haze at a good price, had some good hash, too.
    Old Amsterdam: I’ve only been here twice, but I saw, first hand, the friendly owner’s care for the quality of his stock of some fine hash and weed, not too busy, lots of comfortable seating, decent prices
    Mellow Yellow: The Blueberry!
    Homegrown Fantasy: friendly; tasty Silver Pearl; pleasant, hippy-cafe ambience, perfect for a day-time smoke, coffee/tea and muffin, spectacular glow-in-the-dark peeing (I wonder if poo…)
    Speaking of poo, the WORST pot I smoked in the Netherlands: Super Jamaican from Katsu–brown, seedy, no power with a harsh, dirty taste. There is no way any shop should sell stuff that bad–better use? soaking up crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Their top-o’-the-line ice-hash wasn’t worth the price, either. And, I thought the lady that serves there was rather indifferent. I’ll give them one more chance, though, ’cause I always hear they have ‘some’ good stuff on their huge menu, and it’s a cool hang out.
    WORST budtenders: Barney’s Farm. I’ve been there about four times and was always served good but expensive weed by a rude, punk-ass twerp. Good service, though, at Barney’s restaurant and corner shop (that don’t sell weed).
    I’m headed to the Netherlands again in 9 days!! ;-)

  • Reality

    My God! Potheads are so fuckin’ lame!!

  • halle

    I am about to go to Amsterdam on my fourth trip in four years (since my 18th birthday!) I have to say its one of my fave places to be. The bud is mindblowing compared to that of the UK. as well as the architecture, the culture and the ambience being amazing. I must agree with earlier comments, the grasshopper by the red light district was not a good experience, the glad separation makes u feel like in a prison, the staff were unfriendly and inhospitable and the drinks were extortionately over priced, like 7 euros for a small bottle of coke in a plastic cup. Very touristy uncaring unfriendly feel. Didn’t sample the bud menu here so can’t comment on that, but I’m not bothering going back!
    Dutch flowers was horrible too, went as heard was good but was empty, menu was over priced and not a lot of option but the unfriendly staff made us feel pressured into buying something as we had walked in so got nyc diesel which was nott very impressive for the price. Also could not use tobacco in there compared to lots of shops that turn a blind eye.
    Fave place was dampkring, not sure which one but it was the one near the station. Amazing bud, good prices, ambience was nice too, friendly Staff and amazing milkshake and toasties! De rokeriij was also a top fave, northern lights from here got me so high, I was scared of getting up lol and nearly passed out when outside, and the amount I smoke it takes some dam good weed to get me to that level, also had just got to dam in the morn with no sleep or food in me, but I had a pretty good arrival! Also friendly staff and nice ambience. Turned blind eye . Can’t wait to go back in September! Anyone been recently and can let me know some good places to go this year? X

  • Simon

    Many thanks for our inclusion on your list of recommendations. I must point out though that on orders of the local authority we were forced to remove our famous pissing dog from the outside wall of the shop. This kind of ‘street furniture’ is apparently undesirable. The dog now hangs in the smaller of our two coffee shops. Instead I would suggest that your readers keep an eye out for our bright purple ‘Hunters’ signs which will guide you to our three establishments here on warmoesstraat.

    Groetjes van Amsterdam!

  • MellowD

    Abraxas – the original, climb to the third floor up a spiral staircase to enjoy your tasty bud. Abraxas II has a cool second floor with windows onto the street.

    Homegrown Fantasy – gave us free tokes of the weed entered in the Cannabis Cup competition on a great vaporizer. Love it for a pot of tea and people watching.

    Tweede Kamer – tiny, cozy, on a tiny street around the corner from Dutch Flower, found it by smell.

    Stix – best gunpowder hash I had on a two week smokathon. They have two locations.

    I didn’t have any bad weed anywhere. Some was better than others, but nothing was bad.

  • Move To Amsterdam

    Mostly good selections though there are many inaccuracies I would like to correct if I may (I live here).

    Most coffeeshops turn a blind eye. Unless it had a dedicated smoking section that I was not in, I have never not been allowed to use tobacco in my joints. Just keep your tobacco pouch/cigarette pack in your pocket and not out on the table.

    The tobacco subtitute? You’ll find that nobody uses it here. It looks and smells horrible.

    De Rokerij is indeed a great place. There are also 3 or 4 others that are mostly similar in theme.

    Greenhouse (centrum) is also a favourite of mine. Just use your tobacco, no problem. They carry many strains, including American originals. Price-wise is pretty good considering the quality and the brand.

    Grasshopper is nice but often derided by weed snobs. Never had any problems there.

    You are right, Hunters is a great place and especially their bar (where one can drink booze AND smoke joints). There is no substitute tobacco on offer here.

    Dolphins has always been a favourite of many. Don’t fall asleep downstairs and miss your flight home :D

    Dampkring used to be only two shops (there is a nearby “Tweed Kamer” also) but they now have another up nearer the station on Harlemerstraat (near Barneys).

    Overall you did very well and found the winners amongst the losers. Well done! :)

    If you are going there, I recommend checking this site for the latest strains because what is good and what is bad never stays the same for long here in Amsterdam:

    • Michelle_wilson55

      that was the exact information i needed about the cafes cant wait to get there  have not had a smoke of hash for more than 20yrs  michelle

    • Christoz_liverpool

      Hi there just a quick question is that ban in yet??

  • Potatoes

     fuck off you dick

  • Smokey

    I was told the government is in the process of banning foreigners from these “coffee shops”. True or not I don’t know. If they do I can see tourist $$ and tourism period taking a tremendous hit. I do not understand the reasoning behind this. What is it supposed to accomplish ? If they do ban it I would never go to the trouble and expense of visiting to start with. I have always heard “be careful what you wish for”. 

  • Atomicdog

    welcome to the mainstream lie machine,,,the tourist ban will not happen ,,its more attacking cannabis culture as the true facts become more and more recognised do drunk people in amsterdam equal stoned /high cannabis smokers /vapers,in coffee shops?? it doesnt,,,,,its the 1984 orwellian lie machine going into high gear as the world starts to wake up to the fact that the people in power are actually the true enemy of the little people

  • Animsoity Mike

    Have you seriously not put the addresses to these shops???… nice article but epic  fail

    • Officematt2002

      Ever heard of Google Maps?

  • TheOneAndOnly

    OH no! As if Barneys isn’t on that list. And Grasshopper is?. I went in Grasshopped in Aug, and it wasn’t very clean, and someone had full on fallen into the “Coffee shop!” from the Bar upstairs. Was funny to watch after, as he was fine, and the whole shop went silent to stair at this falling guy. Only stayed for one drink, they didnt have much in, was a bit run down if you ask me!..
    Funny to find the door into where you smoke tho ;) x

  • Kyramcintire

    The Dolphin has bad customer service and poor selection of herb. Not as friendly as the other places. Happy Feelings around the corner is WAY better and never a wait to get your hash or buds. Super tasty haze selections, and they let you view, smell anything you want before you buy. Very friendly.

  • Bubblezz

    Here is an interactived map that has all the info you need on locations of these shops.

  • Jackdoyle93

    I have been to amsterdam a number of times and havnt heard of half of these coffe shops, you have not lived wheres barneys and the grey area ? silver bubble is the best weed in the dam followed by liberty haze and candi cush poltantsy !!

  • Minkster

    The Grasshopper is hideously expensive, why would you recommend that?  :s

  • MPAH

    Grasshoper is full of rude arrogant and unhelpful staff, NOT NICE AT ALL

  • Sdfsdfsdf

    Pfffff! U forgot the only one real coffee shop: Barney’s

  • Nah_radke2

    Are there some place that i can buy roots stuff??

  • kramin

    which of these places wont ask for ID ?

  • Noaksie22489

    Couldnt dissagree more been dam 7 times and green house is one of the worst coffe shops ever pushy staff expensive drinks and the weed is poor and thats being kind

  • Noaksie22489

    Meant to say grasshopper i love green house weed is great sorry for the mistake

  • Dsb Alvyn

    these shops are shit, go to barneys its the best for sure.. G13, Utopia, Liberty Haze they are the best by far.

  • Stevie Marsh

    my favourite place in Dam. Not been for a while, but have just applied for a job in the Netherlands, so fingers crossed I’ll be back…

  • Emily Adkins
  • Eden van Teunenbroek

    disagree with almost every coffeshop on that list apart from dampkring , greenhouse I lived in amsterdam for 3 years the best coffeshops have to be dampkring, greenhouse, tweede kamer , boerejongens, barneys, grey area, amnesia and kadinsky these are my recommend personal favourites I could name alot more but id be here all day.

  • Guy Muir

    I don’t agree with that list. The Greenhouse is pretty good, decent green and they have a massive fish tank in the floor. Dolphins is good but only because they interior is insane. I would highly recommend Grey Area, Amnesia, Dampkring and Abraxas. Also Voyagers is good, a small place but I bought a great bit of G13 and Skywalker Kush out of it.

  • Wouter ‘David’ De Vries

    You just listed every “famous” coffeeshop. Although they are “good to go” they’re quite expensive. If you’re looking for atmosphere go ahead. But there are plenty of shops that offer cheaper and higher quality deals. (except for dampkring, they’re quality is high as hell).
    As for the best, it’s like looking up the 10 most famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam and posting them here as “the best”.
    These places are mostly tourist heavy, therefore they have high prices.
    But hey, don’t take it from me, everyone has their own thing so :) good list if you want to visit the famous coffeeshops.

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