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This photo essay was originally published as a gallery at the Matador Community.

The Kalahari is an arid region spanning three African countries: Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. It is best known as the home of the ancient San people, who exist mostly in memory due to extermination and modernisation. Their descendants populate this region very sparsely, along with a few Herero, Tswana, and Nama populations. Namibia and Botswana vie with Mongolia for the status of being the least densely populated countries on Earth.

Last December, I circled the Kalahari by motorcycle, my favourite way to travel. My aim was to get a true sense of the contemporary culture, and I thought the Christmas period an interesting time to visit.

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Anton Crone

Anton Crone is a freelance travel writer and photographer with a focus on Africa. His last major journey involved driving a smart car from the Southern tip of Africa to Ngorongoro crater and back. Next he will be exploring the length of the Rift Valley by motorcycle. Catch up with him here:

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