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MatadorU student Abhimanyu Sabnis packs his camera and heads to Samoa.

When MatadorU offered me a spot on a press trip to Samoa, organized by the Samoa Tourism Authority, I jumped on it. And I was not disappointed. Here are 20 reasons why I would recommend a visit to the Samoan islands:

All photos by author, all rights reserved.

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Photo Essay


About The Author

Abhimanyu Sabnis

Abhimanyu has big dreams of trekking around the world and exploring its beauty, culture, and people through his camera. Originally from India, he now calls Boston home, where he works as a cancer researcher. Check out his photography and travel adventures at or follow him on twitter @shutterfeet.

  • Anna Pollock

    Thank you Abhimanyu Sabnis for your great photos and 20 reasons to visit Samoa. We (Polynesian Xplorer) suggest 10 – so we’re happy for more! We hope you enjoy our blog and videos at Of the 20 reasons which was personally the most compelling? 

    • shutterfeet

      Thanks Anna. I loved every minute I spent in Samoa. I think I liked the people and culture there most of all! Such a beautiful country!

  • Lily

    I really enjoyed your photo essay, Abhimanyu! Beautiful shots!

    • shutterfeet

      Thanks Lily. Any favs?

  • Naomi

    These photos look absolutely amazing. I’m definitely envious of this trip :)

  • cucakhijau

    That would be ceviche then, the lime-marinated fish. The ones shown are jacks. They’re called ‘talakitok’ in the Tagalog regions of the Philippines.

    • shutterfeet

      I guess it is a kind of Samoan ceviche. Thanks. The talakitok looked delicious but I never got a chance to try some.

  • Alexandru AMOQ


    • shutterfeet


  • John Wasko

    Great photos. Perhaps note the images are from the Independent State of Samoa. Samoa is an archipelago of islands stretching from Rose Atoll and Manua Tele in the east to Tutuila, Upolu and Savaii in the central and western portions of the group. You missed a lot by not visiting other islands of the Samoan Islands.

    From Pago Pago, American Samoa

    John Wasko

    • shutterfeet

      Thanks John. Unfortunately, the trip was organized by the Samoan Tourism Authority and I did not get a chance to visit all the islands. I would love to in the future.

  • Steve

    I really like your gallery of Samoa images.   The kids are great!  Who is that old guy in shot #19?   Let’s travel again soon.
    Steve & Anne

    • shutterfeet

      Thanks Steve! Looking good in #19!

  • Sophie

    Samoa is my favourite Pacific country and Aggie Grey’s is one of my fave hotels anywhere. Your photos are gorgeous!

    • shutterfeet

      Thanks. Samoa is an amazingly beautiful country with great people. The tradition around Aggie’s is good too. Such good hosts!

  • TixWoo

    OK wow that makes a LOT of sense dude. Wow.

  • Mansi

    Gorgeous pics Manyu!  Wow, makes me want to pack up and head to Samoa now…

    • shutterfeet


  • Alison

    Enjoyed the photos, Manyu! Beautiful choices to capture the Samoan culture and landscape.

  • Djohnson

    Absolutely amazing – you have definitely captured the beauty of Samoa.

  • shadyman

    amazing photos, uce!

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