COVID-19 Traveler Sentiment Insight Report

In April 2020, Matador Network conducted an in-depth survey of their community of avid travelers. More than 2,000 respondents from North America and other parts of the world described how they’ve been affected by the coronavirus pandemic thus far, when they expect travel to recommence, and what travel might look like when it does.

The report below draws from more than 20 multiple-choice questions and open-ended prompts, and presents both a data-driven picture of travelers’ plans as well as word clouds and direct quotes from travelers about their sentiments.

In addition to appetite for future travel, the report drills into what specific elements of travel respondents are looking forward to enjoying again, and how they might view travel differently in light of the pandemic. Overall, the survey points to a newfound appreciation and conscientiousness in travelers, and concludes with a call for the “practice of patient optimism” as we wait for the world to reopen to explorers across the globe.

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