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After nearly two decades of conflict with neighboring Ethiopia, Eritrea has finally found some sort of lasting peace, even if it does still live under a dictatorship that arbitrarily closes borders and arrests political enemies.

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Though the country isn’t experiencing any violence, it can still be a dicey proposition to visit, given the volatility of the current regime.

That said, should you choose to visit, you’ll find a country rich with archeological sites, including the third-century obelisk and King Kaleb’s remains at the Gate of Axum. You’ll also find the ruins of King Saba’s palace near Qohaito, and you can see the current excavation of the ancient port of Adulis. There is fantastic diving out among the reefs of the Dahlak Archipelago, though you’ll need a guide to get out there. Don’t miss a walk through the historic capital of Asmara, where the café culture and warm people make for one of the most easy-going large cities in Africa.

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