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Affordable Gifts for Gadget Lovers

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by Michelle Schusterman Nov 27, 2009
If the Black Friday discount still wasn’t enough to put an iPod on your gift list, try these ideas for the gadget lovers in your life.

Chances are someone on your list already has an iPhone, Blackberry, Kindle, iPod…

For all of these and more, GelaSkin offers an artistic way to protect the front and back from scratches. Choose from their gallery of artwork, or visit GelaSkins to customize your own skin with art or even photos.

Price: $14.95 to $17.99

IOGear WiFi Finder

This little keychain will alert users to hotspots within 500 feet, meaning there’s no need to power on the laptop to find Wi-Fi.

Four LEDs will show the signal strength and LAN service coverage. While the finder won’t tell you whether or not the network requires a password, it’s still a good deal for around $10.

Price: $9.95

QuikPod Handheld Convertible Tripod

Personally, I like the odd angles and in-your-face images that come from taking a real self-portrait.

But this attachment is great for those times when you actually want to see some background behind your mug, not to mention capturing some decent video.

Price: $17.37

Tavo Gloves

Touch screens are great until winter comes and you realize you’ve got to choose between using your iPhone outside, or losing the gloves (and possibly a finger).

These gloves by Tavo are designed to let you use you iPhone or Blackberry Storm while keeping your fingers free of frostbite.

Price: $29.88

iLuv Mini Portable Speakers

There’s a wide variety of mini-speakers out there that range from cheap and awful to amazing and bank-breaking.

A good option is the iLuv for mp3 Players and iPods, which users claim have great sound for such a tiny package.

Price: $21.99

USB Humping Dog

And finally, for the less mature computer geeks on your shopping list, these pointless but hilarious little pups might make a great stocking stuffer.

No function, no purpose – just plug one in and watch him show your laptop who’s boss.

Price: $8.94

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