Technology Bytes: Freaky Futuristic Gadgets

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by Michelle Schusterman Nov 30, 2009
These gadget designs seem more like science fiction than science.

Photos courtesy of WebUrbanist

WebUrbanist has rounded up a few amazing gadget and tech designs that make James Bond’s toys look like…well, toys.

A few that made the list almost seem a step backwards, like the Warmouse OOMouse, which has no less than 18 customizable buttons.

Others were downright creepy – case in point, the Amoeba Phone, a tiny hunk of plastic that contours to your face like the Blob, but with reception. Or this bed-and-entertainment-center, which makes Wall-E seem frighteningly plausible.

But most are downright cool. How about speakers that are nothing more than a clear membrane on your TV screen?

A headset that allows you to control video games with your brain?

Or maybe contact lenses that deliver news, weather, and email right to your eyes, and an implant that allows you to touch a word and hear its definition and pronunciation whispered in your ear?

Amazing progress? Freaky sci-fi movie? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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