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12 Instagrammers Crushing It in LA Right Now

Los Angeles Student Work Photo + Video + Film Galleries
by Becky Hutner Nov 18, 2015

1. kimgenevieve

finally… it feels like fall in LA 🙌🏻

A photo posted by Kimberly Genevieve (@kimgenevieve) on

A sun-kissed surfer aesthetic, bright palettes, and an eye for clean design, this is pure Southern California eye candy.

2. hunterkerhart

Bradbury, a Downtown LA icon, and by far one of the coolest interiors west of Chicago.

A photo posted by Hunter Kerhart (@hunterkerhart) on

From museum of the moment — The Broad — to the classic Central Library, no great LA building is safe from this architectural photographer.

3. julieskitchen

A celebration of all that’s fresh and local in our city, Julie’s food collages have earned her IG stardom.

4. Go_carla_go

Happy Birthday to the one and only @checkibernoff !!

A photo posted by Carla Richmond Coffing (@go_carla_go) on

Angelenos and their rides.

5. ladowntowner

In case you haven’t heard, Downtown LA is having a MAJOR MOMENT. This is the place to keep up with the neighborhood’s coolest, yummiest, and wackiest — like the pharmacy selling magic healing candles, customized to your woes.

6. lusttforlife

A marble bathroom made from Instagram dreams at @CasaFayette

A photo posted by Olivia Lopez (@lusttforlife) on

If you get IG Envy, you might want to skip this one. Blogger Olivia Lopez chronicles her charmed life in the city’s hippest restaurants, boutiques and Arts District lofts, donning a minimalist wardrobe that would make Audrey Hepburn weep.

7. em_henderson

This interior designer and TV host lets you snoop the city’s most creative homes. Which tend to have stylishly mismatched pillows. And a bit of an elephant theme.

8. rfissmer

I’m glad someone’s documenting this thing before it gets smashed.

A photo posted by Rob Fissmer (@rfissmer) on

If you based your LA weather knowledge on Rob Fissmer’s account, you’d think every day was overcast. But, surprise! It’s just the apt 70s filter he uses on his vintage rides, midcentury homes, and really cute kid.

9. susanttran

If it’s arty or delicious, this culture vulture/foodie is THERE. Also… Fluffiest. Bichon. Ever.

10. kellygolightly

Sending 💛 from Palm Springs.

A photo posted by Kelly Golightly (@kellygolightly) on

Is this chick even real? If so, her life consists of poolside cocktails, interiors that look like Mad Men sets, and giant hats.

11. jonpauldouglass

Sleeping deer

A photo posted by Jonpaul Douglass (@jonpauldouglass) on

Jonpaul has more urban wildlife sightings than anyone I know. Question: How long did he have to wait to catch a flock of green parrots in downtown?

12. leefromamerica

Nooo. A vegan yogi in LA?! Seriously though, her smoothie bowls are ART.

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