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16 Things Hawaii Locals Always Have to Explain to Out-of-Towners

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by Jill Meinecke Jul 24, 2015

1. Spam is our jam, but that’s not all.

Even our McDonald’s serves Spam, but there’s more to our cuisine than the beloved canned meat. Just don’t ever knock it ‘til you tried it.

2. Marcus Mariota? Yeah, he’s one of ours.

We love seeing his handsome mug all over Hawaii commercials, banks advertisements, and ESPN.

3. And real UH fans aren’t fair weather.

True fans still buy season tickets and try to pack the stadium every home game.

4. Yes, we actually do pay upwards of $7 for a gallon of milk.

But we don’t have to fork over money to replace or snow blowers, winter coats and boots every winter, so the price tag works itself out…sort of.

5. We don’t order takeout. We pick up a bento or plate lunch.

Happiness is grilled meat, two scoops white rice, and mac salad. Or we just browse Shirokiya’s for an amazing, cheap bento.

6. The best delis sell out by two in the afternoon.

Don’t even try to hit up St. Louis, Fukuya, or Gulick after two. Stay pau already.

7. Parking in Waikiki really is that bad.

Do you think we really pay $35 to park our cruiser? We hope to score free parking along the Ala Wai.

8. Heineken is the original craft beer.

“One foot on sand, one hand Heineken, Hawaiian I am…” Sing it with me!

9. We give directions by side.

Forget heading east or west. We’ll tell you it’s either mauka (mountain) side or makai (ocean) side.

10. We don’t take a ferry to the other islands. We catch an island hopper.

And we’re really good at sniffing out the best flight deals. Even though Mokulele’s great, Island Air’s usually cheaper.

11. We’re spoiled with some of the freshest seafood on Earth.

We always pay the extra buck or two for fresh, never-frozen ahi poke, and our sashimi? Melts in your mouth.

12. We go to the beach all the time.

Playing hooky from work or closing shop early to catch some good surf is common. They don’t call it paradise for nothing.

13. Shave ice beats snow cones any day.

Something about fine shaved ice with tapioca pearls on the bottom topped with flavor syrup and a snowcap hits the spot every time.

14. No one goes out to Waianae side.

We only tell you that to keep the beaches, fishing spots, and cheap eateries to ourselves.

15. Shrimp trucks, roadside lychee stands, and huli huli chicken pop-ups are what the country is made of.

And for us Giovanni’s is bomb, lychees are always worth the price tag, and huli huli chicken is what’s for dinner.

16. It doesn’t matter how crowded the North Shore and Kailua get. They’re still incredible.

We hate traffic on the crowded two lane roads, neon-floaty-toting tourists and over-priced mai tais; but, somewhere between an epic north shore sunset or a fun boogie board sesh at Kailua Beach, all those stresses seem to disappear.

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