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6 awesome ways to experience Aurora, CO

Aurora, Colorado, is ready to step into the limelight. Kind of like the person no one realizes is the coolest guy at the party until halfway through the night, this city isn’t much for bragging — but the nightlife, the culture, and the cuisine speak volumes to everyone who takes the time to dive in.

The sweetest part of any visit is that you don’t have to go out of your way to get here — drive out of Denver International Airport you’ll be in Aurora long before you ever cross Denver’s city limits. This is the anchor of Colorado’s Front Range, the place that stands between the high plains and the mountains and offers the best of both worlds. How do you see yourself experiencing the Gateway to the Rockies?

This post is proudly produced in partnership with Visit Aurora.

— Food —

Aurora is one of the hottest places in the country for ethnic cuisine and farm-to-table goodness. From the Stanley Marketplace to The Southlands, the city is a bountiful confluence of flavors that have traversed the globe before coming together all in one place. Come hungry, because there’s no limit to what you can try in Aurora. What follows is merely an appetizer.

Pho 99

The aroma of bone broth simmering in the kitchen basically lures the entire neighborhood…


Bent Fork the Grill

Bent Fork is the place to impress a date in Aurora…


Korean Food Trail

Korean food is all over the place in Aurora…


Photos provided by: Sharon Ang, Tim Nguyen, Robert Owen-Wahl, and Tim Wenger

— Outdoors —

Aurora is one of the best outdoor playgrounds in the state, your gateway to adventure from the high plains to the Rockies. To get the most out of your stay, start early, wear good socks, and pack a hearty lunch.


Get up early and head to the Plains Conservation Center…


Adventure biking

While the masses follow the call to Green Mountain or farther up the highway…



There’s something about this city that just calls to golfers…


Photos provided by: Ryan Polei, Zenhaus, Darcy Lawrey, and Visit Aurora

— Craft Culture —

Craft beer is abundant here — but Aurora takes the whole “beer drinkers’ paradise” thing up a notch. The craft-is-better attitude has spread to everything from curated wine lists to crafted products to live performance, each putting a firm hand-made stamp on the city’s culture.

Dry Dock Brewery

If you’ve had an Apricot Blonde in the last three years…


Infinite Monkey Theorem

The name might bring to mind an old cartoon…


Jubilee Roasting Company

Jubilee offers artists and coffee nerds a collective reason to celebrate…


— Family Fun —

Who says you have to drive super far (cue the pitfalls of the prototypical “family road trip”) just to have a good time? Aurora is ready to prove otherwise. The kids might not know it yet, but Colorado’s third-largest city has the goods to make all their friends jealous. Be ready to go when they wake up, because they’ll be begging to get out there.

Spider Monkey

Don’t spend any time wondering about the name. Focus instead on what’s inside…


The Wildlife Experience

When your kid feels the call of the jungle…


12 Mile Stables

12 Mile Stables serves up 27 miles of horseback riding trails…


Photos provided by: Pixabay, schizoform, and Sticker Mule

— Kicking Back —

You may have heard about the Rocky Mountain Tuxedo. If not, don’t worry — there’s definitely no need to rush to the store. Aurora has the Colorado casual thing down to a science, and the vibe extends through everything from dress to attitude. Come prepared to let loose — there’s no better way to live like a local.

Craft beer and conversation at Stanley Beer Hall

Stanley Beer Hall is the spot when it’s time to chill…


Jump on the light rail and leave the car parked

Aurora spreads the laid-back attitude around town, and…


Relax and recharge — Aurora style

Take the relaxation up a notch with a 60-minute flow class…


Photos provided by: Visit Aurora, Tim Wenger, Jeffrey Beall, and ©Gaylord Hotels

— Arts & Festivals —

The Aurora experience stands up just as well indoors as it does outside. The area is loaded with history, and residents have taken it upon themselves to tell the city’s story through just about every means possible. On top of that, did you arrive thinking you’d see a live rock band the same day as a Broadway-caliber play? That’s the rhythm around here — there’s bound to be something going on just around the corner.

Aurora Fox Arts Center

Welcome to the heart of the city’s theater scene…


Aurora History Museum

From serving as a home to military families stationed at the local Buckley Air Force Base…


Aurora’s summer festivals

Aurora throws down in the summer. Festivals of all stripes…


Photos provided by: From the Hip Photo / Visit Aurora, Aurora History Museum, and Lyn Lomasi

This post is proudly produced in partnership with Visit Aurora.
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