How easily we Americans forget that one of nature's largest playgrounds lies just a few hours north of us — a land of wild mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and fortified cities. An endless horizon of glaciated, Alpine terrain that's right next door.

Matador has teamed up with Destination Canada to show you all there is to explore across this wide, wide expanse. From the waters of British Columbia to the wilds of Newfoundland and Labrador, let's dive in.

This post is proudly produced in partnership with Destination Canada.

Falling for Niagara, Canada

Photographer Travis Burke syncs up with professional kayaker Nick Troutman for an insider’s perspective of the Niagara Falls region. 

Venture off the Beaten Path: British Columbia

The drive from Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia, is under 3 hours, a fact not lost on Seattle-based artist Mimi Kvinge. On this trip, she teams up with Whistler-based mountain biker and photographer Mason Mashon, who shows her things she never expected.

Get lost in the epic landscape of Nova Scotia, Canada

On the Atlantic coast, Nova Scotia has some of the most extreme tides in the world, so Tiffany Nguyen and her partner Jonathan take advantage of this unique phenomenon with a tidal bore rafting trip—a muddy, wet adventure.

Foodie tour in Québec City, Canada

What happens when you pair an NYC food photographer (Molly Tavoletti) and a Québécoise food writer (Caroline Décoste) and set them loose on the streets of Québec City, Canada? A foodie frenzy!

Exploring the Yukon: Epic hikes and Northern Lights in Canada

Visit the Yukon in autumn, when the fall colors will blow your mind. Canada’s westernmost province is also its least populated—the Arctic Circle crosses right through it—but the culture and nature of the place is beyond belief.

Ski the Powder Highway in British Columbia, Canada

Professional skier and full-time road tripper Dave Treadway tells us why the Powder Highway, in the southeast corner of British Columbia, Canada, should be at the top of your winter playtime destination list.

Destination Art: Explore Edmonton with Kyle Huber

Kyle Huber, a photographer and visual designer, and his friend Tommy Lundberg team up with local Annaliza Toledo, a graffiti artist and muralist, to explore the Edmonton art scene and the Silver Skate Festival. 

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