Ditch your phone. It wasn't doing you much good anyway. The road trip, the scuba dive, the bungee jump — the realest adventures need an upgrade, and with GoPro, you can Experience Different.

Matador has teamed up with GoPro to showcase just what that means. Because with any and every adventure, this should always be the goal: the unique experience — the story that is only yours to tell. Start below to see the GoPro experience (and the GoPro difference).

This post is proudly produced in partnership with GoPro.

Experience Different: Chicago

Chicago is lit. We wanted to show it off. And we also wanted to show how fun and easy it is to document everything with the new $199 GoPro HERO. Everything you see here from our rapid-fire Chicago weekend tour was shot on this rad little camera.

Experience Different: Vancouver

Follow us on a weekend getaway from downtown Vancouver to a rad campsite in the wilderness of British Columbia. Stop one is the Bang-On Vintage Clothing Emporium, where we smarten up our look. From here we bike along the waterfront, checking out the Vancouver Seawall and Canada Place before enjoying dinner and views from the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant.

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