Train Tripping through Europe


The Hotel Indigo chain (part of InterContinental Hotels Group) includes a range of boutique, design-forward hotels in Europe’s most exciting cities, with locations that put you right in the thick of the action. Follow filmmaker Blaze Nowara on a whirlwind European train odyssey, with stops in London, Paris, Berlin, and Krakow and sneak peeks of the local Hotel Indigo properties along the way.

This series is proudly produced in partnership with InterContinental Hotels Group.

London and Paris

In episode 1, Blaze’s first stop is two IHG properties in London (Hotel Indigo Kensington and Holiday Inn Camden Lock), where he meets a fellow traveler, dines on wine and meat pies, and ambles through Holland Park. He then takes himself on a high-speed train to Paris, checks into the Hotel Indigo Paris Opera, and hits the streets. Opting to avoid the usual tourist attractions, Blaze keeps himself open to serendipitous encounters and — surprise surprise — more wine!

Berlin and Krakow

In episode 2, we re-join Blaze at the Hotel Indigo Berlin – Alexanderplatz, his base as he takes us on a visual journey around the city, ending at a pub for a beer. He then travels to Poland, stopping in Krakow, where the Hotel Indigo Krakow – Old Town offers an awesome final example of how these properties are integrated into their surroundings. In keeping with the trip’s theme, Blaze completes his stay with a vodka tasting and a new group of friends.

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