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21. Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge (Kandy, Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka’s Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge is in a great location for getting away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. In the lodge’s efforts to be eco-friendly, meals prepared by the chef use organic herbs and vegetables straight from the onsite garden. (via, via, via)

22. Hotel Endemico (Ensenada, Mexico)

Based in Ensenada, Hotel Endemico gives guests amazing views of the surrounding mountains, and the eco-friendly hotel’s “cabins” are raised off the ground as a way of reducing their impact on the environment. (via, via)

23. Post Ranch Inn (California, United States)

Located in Big Sur, the Post Ranch Inn is an environmentally friendly 30-room property that makes great efforts to promote social and environmental responsibility. The views from the hotel’s balconies are pretty spectacular, too. (via, via, via)

24. Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

A luxury resort in Zanzibar, the Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa is a perfect spot for ecotourism. Set by the Indian Ocean, diving is a popular pastime while staying at the hotel. (via, via, via)

25. Lefay Resort & Spa: Lago di Garda (Lake Garda, Italy)

At first sight, the Lefay Resort & Spa at Lago di Garda may not appear to be eco-friendly, but the hotel is the first of its kind in southern Europe to be certified by Green Globe. (via, via, via, via)

26. Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel (Massongex, Switzerland)

Whitepod is dedicated to using renewable resources and minimizing daily consumption of water and electricity. Inside your pod, you’ll find organic bedding and a wood-burning stove to keep you cozy. (via, via, via)

27. Damaraland Camp (Damaraland, Namibia)

Found in a pristine region of Namibia, Damaraland Camp is community-owned and run. Based in the Torra Conservancy, the structures use both ancient and new technologies in an effort to make them eco-friendly. (via, via, via, via)

28. Longitude 131 (Yulara, Northern Territory, Australia)

With such an interesting name, you may or may not expect Longitude 131 to be found where it is (there’s a lot of spots it could be in). The lodge isn’t your typical hotel — just take a look at the roof and see for yourself. And if the hotel’s facilities aren’t enough to entertain you, peek outside. Yes, that’s Uluru. (via, via, via, via)

29. Mallin Colorado Ecolodge (Puerto Guadal, Chile)

On the shores of General Carrera Lake, the family-owned Mallin Colorado Ecolodge is home to four wooden cottages and is surrounded by mountains and greenery. (via, via, via)

30. Crosswaters Ecolodge & Spa (Huizhou, China)

Crosswaters Ecolodge & Spa was one of the first eco-lodges to be built in China. A huge amount of planning and design went into the creation of the hotel. It aims to protect the biodiversity of the surrounding forest, and to improve the prospects of the local people and economy. (via, via, via)

31. Topas Ecolodge (Sapa, Vietnam)

About 45 minutes from Sapa, Topas Ecolodge is high in the mountains of Hoang Lien National Park. Built on sustainable principles, the lodge has a low impact on the surrounding environment and nearby villages. (via, via, via)

32. Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge (Tasmania, Australia)

Just north of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park, Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge is in an ideal location for exploring the nearby nature reserve. (via, via, via)

33. Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica (Puerto Maldonado, Peru)

Situated on a tributary of the Amazon River, the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica is a 45-minute boat ride from the nearest town. The lodge makes efforts to remain low impact and carbon neutral. Use those lanterns, as you won’t find electricity available for more than a few hours a day. (via, via)

34. Sonora Resort (Sonora Island, Canada)

Sonora Resort is a famous eco-adventure travel destination that’s been featured in dozens of publications. We can see why. The five-star resort isn’t a bad place to spend evenings after a long day trekking through the Canadian wilderness. (via, via, via)

35. Sasaab Lodge (Samburu, Kenya)

Another Safari Collection property, Sasaab Lodge is involved with the Ewaso Lions and Mara Cheetah Projects, as well as several community projects designed to promote the well-being of the local people through better health and education. (via, via, via)

36. El Monte Sagrado (New Mexico, United States)

Not far from the Greater World Earthship Community in Taos, El Monte Sagrado is an eco-friendly hotel that utilizes recycled concrete and has a sustainable water purification system. (via, via, via)

37. Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort (Quepos, Costa Rica)

Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort, just minutes from Quepos, is based in an 11-acre natural area. The resort makes many efforts in sustainability, with solar panels used for heating water, chlorine-free ionization systems to clean the pool water, and a compost system to recycle organic waste. (via, via)

38. 4 Rivers Floating Lodge (Koh Andet Island, Cambodia)

With over 100 species of mammals on Koh Andet Island, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is in an ideal place for ecotourism in Southeast Asia. Built using eco-friendly materials, the lodge uses a “sophisticated water treatment system” and makes minimal use of wood. (via, via, via)

39. Emirates Wolgan Valley Spa & Resort (New South Wales, Australia)

The Emirates Wolgan Valley Spa & Resort is the first hotel in the world to be certified by carboNZero©™. One of its conservation initiatives is to grow indigenous trees in the nearby wilderness areas — over 175,000 have been planted so far. (via, via)

40. Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat (Western Cape, South Africa)

An award-winning property, Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat ensures that tourists make “minimal impacts” on the environment in many ways — only biodegradable detergents are used, and the lodge sewage goes through a Biolytix system. (via, via, via)