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I visited Jordan for the first time two years ago and fell in love instantly. Since then I have kept in touch with people I met there and it became very obvious to me that due to the current crisis in the Middle-East, tourism took a dramatic dip since I was last there. I wanted to do my bit to help those who were so kind to me during my last visit so I decided I wanted to go back and make a short promotional video in the hope that it might (in whatever way possible) make a difference. I only had ten days this time, too short a time to show off the vast beauty of Jordan - so I had to shorten myself to follow the 'tourist route' from Amman to Aqaba via Petra and Wadi Rum in the hope to maximize the variety of footage for the video. Though making a video in such a short time can be stressful, my visit was once again a wonderful, surreal experience, leaving me with the same awe-engulfing impact that followed my previous trip.

The video includes the song 'Sunrise over Syria' by Fraser Purdie. The voice over (reciting the former King Hussein of Jordan) is provided by diving instructor and couchsurfing host Omar Madain from Aqaba.

Filmmaker: Jeremy Ullmann

Jerash, Amman, King's Highway, Dana, Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba.

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, Nikon D5200, Glidecam HD2000, Konova K2 8cm, Benro A2970F Tripod

Music: Sunrise Over Syria - Fraser Purdie

Special Thanks: Thank you to Fraser Purdie for letting me use his music track 'Sunrise over Syria'. Also many thanks to Omar Madain for providing the voice over in the video.

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