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Andy Abercrombie and his wife watch improbable loads being hauled by bike around Hue.

I’VE SEEN SOME CRAZY THINGS during the past month in Hue, Vietnam.

For a family outing, it seems quite common for three or more people to squeeze onto a motorbike. This includes children of all sizes and sometimes babies on the hip. I’ve seen as many as five people on a single vehicle, more than once.

The motorbike is the most common tool for moving things from A to B. The driver will stack, pack, strap, and cinch any number of items before barreling down the road. Another standard mode of delivery seems to be the cyclo. Large appliances and furniture pass us on the street under the foot power of cyclo drivers. Somehow they never seem to wreck.

Recently, my wife and I saw a motorbike accident in front of the restaurant where we were having dinner. Luckily, no one was hurt. After the police left it was time for cleanup, and two cyclo drivers were brought over to pick up the debris. They literally used their cyclos to hoist the motorbikes like a forklift, balance them, and then move them off to a safe place for the owner.

This selection of photos is a testament to the drivers in Hue, for whom it’s all just another day’s work.

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About The Author

Andy Abercrombie

Andy is an avid traveler who has found artistic expression in photography. As he and his wife travel the globe, not much escapes the lens. More photos can be found at Abercrombies Abroad.

  • Mscathy Ly

     OMG! I totally remember seeing all the HUGE shit people would carry on bicycles as well as those motorbikes. You’d think it would topple over but they are quite efficient with it! I was in Vietnam in February and was amazed by all the stuff they carried, how most people covered themselves up in the daylight (to avoid tanning), and the crazy amount of traffic there was in Ho Chi Minh. Great pic!!

    Cathy Trails

  • Asianichols

    This so represents work-life in the streets of Vietnam, it’s incredible how they do it! Especially love the baskets shot- awesome captures!

  • jackdiamond

    what Ronald said I’m amazed that anybody able to get paid $6207 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you read this website…

  • Sameskiesabove

    Great pics! I saw more than one person with a fridge strapped on behind them on their motorcycle in Ho Chi Minh City and a family of five riding/hanging off the sides of a motorbike near Danang. Never any helmets though… quite a difference in safety rules of the road in Vietnam versus North America, I guess!

  • Swift

    Good memories of Vietnam. I saw a scooter hauling three large pigs stacked on top of each other.

  • ESLinsider

    Oh yeah, they have those cool three wheeled bikes with the little wagon like thing in China too.  Those are really cool. I remember seeing impressive amounts of recycled Styrofoam being carried around in those. Impressive being like 15 feet tall and about 20 feet long.

    And the scooters. In Taiwan you’d see a whole family on one of those at times. That’s four people on a single scooter

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