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We create our own lives through our thoughts and emotions, even when we aren’t aware of it.

Do you dream of traveling to far away places, but never actually plan that trip because you think you can’t afford it?

What if I told you there’s a technique that will allow you to attain your journey?

I married young and established a “middle-class” family similar to the one I grew up in. We never flew anywhere – just too expensive.

I never harbored anything more than a fanciful wish to go to Europe. (That was something only rich people could do).

Years later, I had divorced and remarried. My new husband started talking about going to England.

I had a small IRA from a previous job that had grown to around $5,000. I earmarked the amount as our travel fund and began to think that we might actually make the trip if we used that money.

For the first time, I started to really dream, plan, and visualize.

The Trip Becomes Reality

In May of 1999 we finally spent two wonderful weeks in England and had a fabulous time. Somehow, we never touched that IRA account and didn’t put anything on a credit card that wasn’t paid in full when billed.

Since then, we’ve been back to England twice and last year went to Italy for 2 weeks. We have experienced a couple of Caribbean cruises as well, interspersed with many trips throughout the U.S. How did we do it?

The reason for this marvelous travel is the Law of Attraction. This law is as real and immutable as the Law of Gravity.

We create our own lives through our thoughts and emotions, even when we aren’t aware of it.

You may have read or heard statements like, “you create your own reality” or “thoughts are things”.

You see, we are all marvelous creators. We create our own lives through our thoughts and emotions, even when we aren’t aware of it.

Mike Dooley of Totally Unique Thoughts always ends his daily inspirational emails called “Notes From The Universe” with the phrase, “thoughts become things….. choose the good ones”.

There are 3 steps to achieving your dreams:

  • 1. Ask (your job)
  • 2. Answer (The Universe’s job)
  • 3. Receive (your job)

Here’s how it works: Whether you are aware of it or not, you are “asking” all the time. Every time you think about something you would like to have, do or be, the Universe receives this thought as a request.

The second step – the answer – is handled automatically by the Universe. Here’s the kicker: the Universe never says “no”. Every request is granted.

However, the part that gives a lot of us some trouble is the third step – receiving or letting in our desires. If you’re in a negative place, you block the receiving of your request.

Practice Awareness

The first step in learning to consciously apply the Law of Attraction is to monitor your emotions.

Rather than the onerous task of trying to watch your every thought, just notice how you feel. If you’re feeling good, you are “allowing” – you’re in a receiving mode.

But if you notice that you’re feeling a little off, or maybe in a bad mood, try to reach for a better thought – even just a little better – and you should feel your emotions respond positively.

Other ways to put yourself into a receiving mode might be to take just a few moments for simple meditation – or pet your cat or dog – or play with a child.

The second step is to break the bad habit that has been imposed upon us by this time/space continuum we’ve chosen to enter – forget about the “HOW’S”. Just set your intention, try to stay in a happy place and let the Universe handle the details.

You’ll soon find all sorts of wonderful ideas, opportunities and serendipitous coincidences coming your way. Easier said than done…but with a little attention to our thoughts, we can break negative habits.

Even though I am retired and my husband is only a year or two from retirement, I know that we will continue to travel and do things that logic or common sense would tell us we can’t possibly afford to do.

I’m not worrying about how we’re going to do this on a fixed income – I just know that it will come to pass. You see, the secret is to just ask and then get out of the way.

Just believe and when doubts or worries threaten to creep in, replace those thoughts with thoughts that feel better.

The Final Coincidence

To give you one more example, when we went to Boston with friends last April, we stayed in a very nice 2-bedroom loft, ate in many fine restaurants and even went on a whale watch up on the Cape.

When I found myself worrying about the amount we were spending, I just told myself, “there’s always enough”. When we got home, the credit card tickets totaled around $1800 – and that didn’t even include the lodging and airfare that had been paid before we left.

The next day, we had a letter from our mortgage company saying our escrow account had an overage. Enclosed was a check for $1889.

Ready to try it? Be prepared for miracles. If you’re new to this concept, go to The Secret.

After you’ve watched the video, pick up a copy of Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. What can you lose?

You’ll be surprised by the wonderful things, places, people or coincidences you can attract.

Editor’s note: For alternative perspectives on The Law of Attraction visit articles on Alternet and Salon.

Chestelle Samford lives in beautiful Austin, TX and has 3 grown children and one granddaughter. Retired over a year now, Chestelle was previously a computer trainer in the mortgage industry. She has previously published articles in the Austin American Statesman and a short “True Story” in Budget Travel.



About The Author

Chestelle Samford

Chestelle Samford lives in beautiful Austin, TX and has 3 grown children and one granddaughter. Retired over a year now, Chestelle was previously a computer trainer in the mortgage industry. She has previously published articles in the Austin American Statesman and a short “True Story” in Budget Travel.

  • Sean O’Neill

    The open-minded will want to consider some of the critiques of “The Secret”, such as this Newsweek cover story|lang_it|lang_es

  • Ian MacKenzie

    Hi Sean, thanks for the link. I’ve also included alternative perspectives at the end of the article above.

  • Charles

    Oy vay. You can’t get away from this stuff can you?

    It’s like a bad virus that just keeps spreading and spreading.

  • Ian MacKenzie

    Ahh Charles, you’re right, the ‘law of attaction’ does seem to have spread far and wide. While I don’t necessarily subscribe to the belief myself, in the pursuit of publishing all perspectives, I decided to publish how the law of attraction could relate to travel. If you have an alternative viewpoint, by all means, please share!

  • Turner

    Good hearing from an Austinite.

  • Roldan Smith

    Here’s the great part about the Law of Attraction… whether you are “aware” of it or not, it is ALWAYS at work. Like all other immutable laws of the universe, it is not subjective,it is not selective, it is not judgemental. It does what it does. You need not know, believe or even understand it in order for it to work. Like the Law of Gravity and the Law of Relativity, and the Law of Cause and Effect, it simply exists.

    But once you come to UNDERSTAND that it DOES work and your thoughts DO become things, you realize the power there is in the Law of Intention to live the life you’ve always wanted to live. I am living proof that the Law works, as there are many others. And just as the law will unabashedly meets the needs of those who believe that the law DOES work, so does it efficiently fulfill the thoughts and desires of those who believe that it does NOT work. That’s the Law. Believe that it doesn’t work for you, and you get your wish. Compliments of the Universe. Simple as that. So, I caution you to THINK carefully. =)

  • TJ

    The Universe DOES always say yes, but if you think negatively, the Universe also says yes to that as well.

  • Lady Kibeth

    I know the law works… my life befor recently was good not perfect but I was content, then I moved in with my grandmother who is super negative and always wants to know the nicknack how of things and now I cry my self to sleep every night because things are always breaking (my car) and need to be replaced, my job will not give me hours and college looks bleek and is a story I will not go over here, my remedy, a plane ticket… I have no idea where I'm going to live or what I will do, or how I will pay for the new college I have signed up for, but deep down inside I know it will work or that a much more interesting story will begin… trust the universe as I once did and you will be surprised by what happens.

  • DreamChaser

    There is a very famous travel story, called The Alchemist, by Paul Coelho, that is basically a fable about a shepherd boy who sells his flock and goes to Egypt in pursuial of a dream — the story is also an allegory about the Law of Attraction (although it never gives it a name).

    Here’s the link for the book on Amazon:

  • Law of Attraction Expert

    It’s simply amazing how fast you get stopped in you tracks when you “think you can’t”. It is interesting that once you find a way, aka Using you IRA or something, just triggers you into a “I can do attitude”.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Austin Travel

    This is great and all and I am a believer of the Laws of Attraction, but I have to take issue with one thing in your post. You used the $5K in the IRA to travel on? That seems a little bit irresponsible.

  • Sarah Elizabeth Huffman

    I’d like to believe in the law of attraction. I was really hating my car and dreaming of having a different one, then I got in a wreck that wasn’t my fault and insurance allowed me to buy a different car! But what I’ve really been dreaming of is traveling. I want to spend about a year in another country, preferably Germany or Japan. I want to learn the language and be totally immersed in their culture. I don’t want it to be a vacation. I want it to be part of my career path. My next step in that is to get my bachelor’s degree and I thought studying abroad for a year would be perfect, but every time I find something that seems promising and get so excited, I’m met with a roadblock and it doesn’t work out. I’m constantly thinking about how I can make some form of my dream of going abroad a reality so isn’t hat enough to set the law of attraction in motion? Why isn’t it happening for me?

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