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Use these resources to keep track of what’s happening in Egypt.

Given the Internet blackout in Egypt, it’s hard to get reliable news of the protests. The coverage on Al Jazeera, The Guardian, and Global Voices is frequently updated and well worth following.

Some journalists and bloggers on the ground are still tweeting. But connection seems patchy, and lots of information is unconfirmed. Here are some people I’m following, in no particular order, who are managing to get information out every now and then:

Five who aren’t on the ground but share fantastic information:

UPDATE: Jillian C York has put together a public twitter list for following people on the ground in Egypt: jilliancyork/in-egypt

Also, follow the #Jan25 and #Tahrir hashtags, as well as #Egypt.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP: Check this Huffington Post article, How To Help Egypt Get Online (which includes a link to some resources put together by Anonymous), and this article on blogcritics on how to help when governments control communications, which has Egypt-specific links.


How are you staying in touch? Share in the comments!

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Nick lived in Egypt for six years, working as a tour leader, EFL teacher, city guide editor, and online guidebook writer. He's currently in San Francisco searching for his centre. He (kinda sporadically) blogs at Delicious Chaos, and you can follow him on twitter.

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