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Matador staff writer Austin Yoder reports from last month’s Taiwan Pride Parade in Taipei.

I’D HEARD ABOUT the Taiwan Pride Parade for a full year since moving here in November, 2011. It has supposedly grown every single year since inception, and was attended by more than 50,000 people in 2011. After missing it by about three weeks last year, I was determined to check it out and lend my support to the principles of equality.

If I hadn’t actively been on the lookout for this massive event, I just might have missed it. There isn’t much publicity or press that goes on around it outside of a few lonely articles in local print publications like the Taipei Times. I was floored by the number of people and level of energy in the air at the Taiwan Pride Parade this year, and hope to pass on some of that through the photos below.

[All photos by Austin Yoder]

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Austin Yoder

After his first trip to Taiwan, Austin Yoder was detained by US Customs in the airport when he came through security with an entire carry-on suitcase full of tea, which TSA mistook for weed. Austin traveled into Kashmir for Yak Butter tea, and currently lives on the ground in Taipei, Taiwan in constant search of unique and funky loose leaf teas. He reviews the best of what he finds on his site and

  • Alice Driver

    good god, love the photos.

    • Austin Y

      Thank you, Alice! Really glad to hear so!!

  • Keph Senett

    I love how this turned out Austin, and I agree with Alice. Love the photos!

    • Austin Y

      Thanks so much, Keph! Really appreciate it, and cheers for the lovely comment :)

  • Pierre-Olivier Racette

    cool! I went to Taiwan at the beginning of the year for my first trip and I’d never questioned upon the gay rights, as it just felt as opened as it is over here.

    • Austin Y

      It is a very welcoming community here from what I understand. A taxi driver once told me that even though he doesn’t pay much attention to LGBT topics, he thinks the overall impression is that everyone is a person and has the right to make their own choices.

  • Pin Lin

    taiwan pride :)

    • 江森

      yes, it’s our awfully awesome pride :)

  • Jean Kuo
  • Vivian Huang

    this is awesome!

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