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With the global credit crunch spiraling into an economic crisis, here’s what $150k can buy you right now around the world.
Argentina: Centro, Buenos Aires

USD Price: $149,000

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

Notes / Link: This place is fully remodeled and right in El Centro, 2 blocks from Teatro Colon.

Chile: Villarrica, Region 9

USD Price: $110,000

Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3

Notes / Link: This house is in the town of Villarrica, and has world-class backcountry terrain all around.

Russia: Chystye Prudy Area, Moscow

USD Price: $152,000 (approx.)

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2

Notes / Link: Right in the center of Moscow.

South Africa: Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape

USD Price: $152,200 (approx.)

Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3

Notes / Link: This pad has a barbecue, garden, and you’re close to one of the sickest surf spots in the world.

Australia: Deniliquin, New South Wales

USD Price: $144,400 (approx.)

Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3

Notes / Links A full on 27-acre farm near thetown of Deniliquin. Extremely affordable Australian home loans are also available.

Portugal: Evora, Alentejo

USD Price: $150,500 (approx.)

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

Notes / Link: in sweet village of Viana do Alentejo.

Indonesia: Lovina, Bali

USD Price: $107,000 (approx.)

Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2

Notes / Link: A straight-up private villa on Bali with mature palms / banana trees and some kind of ‘split level swimming pool’. Ridiculous.

Croatia: Porec, Istria

USD Price: $150,700 (approx.)

Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2

Notes / Link: A 3-bedroom apartment with beach only 3 minutes away, along with the yacht marine of Cervar village.

Czech Republic: Prosek, Prague

USD Price: $144,000 (approx.)

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

Notes / Link: A newly renovated apartment with 74 m2 of living space and a 6-minute commute via subway to the city center.

New Zealand: Foxton

USD Price: $125,500 (approx.)

Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2

Funky designed4 bedroom home.

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David Miller

David Miller is Senior Editor of Matador (winner of 2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas awards for travel journalism) and Director of Curricula at MatadorU. Follow him @dahveed_miller.

  • Chris

    Gotta love that exchange rate. Thanks for that post. It just shows you how much further your money can go in foreign countries. The funny thing is that a lot of them are best described as a paradise. Just shows you that you don’t need a million dollars to live like a millionaire.

  • Jessica

    Is the first picture an apartment you can rent? I highly doubt you can get that whole building. The Czech Republic picture and the Porec, Istria picture look like apartments as well. You should really explain more detail.

  • bunnygotblog

    This is great so far the Czech Republic is winning..

  • Lola

    Definitely puts some things in perspective, doesn’t it?!

  • Eurobubba

    OK, I’ve been to Prosek, and, how to put this… it’s the opposite of charming. Row after row of drafty, commie-era prefab concrete high-rises.

  • Latin Traveler

    That was a great post. Thanks for all the cool pics to make us drool. There are a lot of great deals like that in Mexico, Panama, and Ecuador too, a short hop away in a similar time zone. Heck you could still buy two houses for that amount in some spots.

  • Chrissy

    Thanks for the post! Now I feel like a dumbass for buying a 47-metre apartment in Warsaw, Poland for about the same amount of money… ;P

  • Google homepage

    That’s nothing… if you want to live in Detroit, the average homeprice there is now $6000.00! Of course, every third house there is in foreclosure and you can get many homes for $1.00 to $100.00 – this tends to skew the average – but only a bit.

    If you look at the gorgeous homes that $150,000.00 can buy in Detroit it will boggle the mind. Problem is, then you are stuck in a declining ghetto run by morons.

    Italy also has some bargains thanks to a declining population. There are many small picturesque villages where there are no buyers for homes at any price.

    Last but not least, Bulgaria has nice palm lined beaches and cheap real estate. It is also now in the European Union.

  • Mikeee

    If you would walk into any real estate agency here in the Netherlands, and ask “got any houses for $150k ?”, you’ll get arrested for making the agent laugh him/herself to death.

  • rudy

    All are amazing. I am looking at getting a “bargain” house here in the states for $250,000 or $300,000. Wouldn’t it be nice to telecommute while living in one of those places? My top 3 are: The one in Moscow, Prague, and Indonesia.

  • tom

    LMAO Croatia: Porec, Istria for 150 000$ that’s just bullshit, I’m from croatia and trust me this price is just silly, real estates on the coast are ~3 000$ per square meter at least, I wish prices were like that cause I’d own a appartment like that…

  • Aaron

    Jessica, it’s for an apartment you can buy, not an apartment you can rent.

    Great article! Now I just need to raise another $149,853.23.

  • glenneroo

    @jessica: try using some logic: Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

  • Greg

    Chris you are an idiot, USD is wortheless. Also I live one hour drive from that Porec villa and I would like the owner to contact me, I will buy it for that money.

    This is bullshit.

  • viking

    In Oslo it will get you 15 square meters which is less than a student flat.

  • Cheesus

    That would buy a wheely bin in London, UK

  • sam

    Centro is a complete SHIT neighborhood at night and all locals AVOID IT at night out of safety concerns.

  • Julio

    I agree that there really isn’t enough information with these pictures to know if these are as great of “deals” as the poster implies. How about links to the real estate posting? More than a few photos that can be misleading? An address so that mapquest or google maps can pinpoint the neighborhood?

  • Neil

    This is pretty silly. The implication here is that there are ton of places in the world where you will get a nice place to live for little money, but the list is very deceptive.

    Most of the places shown are in remote or rural areas. I’m sure you could find a house in the US in a rural area much better than most of these for that money. Nobody wants to live in these areas.

    That place listed in Australia is a prime example – the house is actually tiny and if you take a close look at the interior it isn’t much. If you wanted to buy a place close to the main city (Sydney), well, you can’t. $150,000 won’t buy you much more than a storage lockup. I live in New South Wales.

    I’ve also lived for 27 years in New Zealand. The entry for that country is a ghastly looking place, and again it’s in a country town with a depressed economy, where the only thing to do is leave.

    You could have done this properly and had it be no less interesting. Crappy blog.

  • Frank

    Warsaw is like New York or Paris.

  • Mike

    In England you couldnt even afford a beach hut for $150k

  • nick

    i’d rather live in warsaw chrissy :)

  • CeeAyy

    Jessica… look at the number of rooms and bathrooms and the article will be a little clearer.

  • Steve


    Obviously purchasing any of these places isn’t in your future if you have to ask a question like that. PS. I can’t believe how bad this site rips off the Gawker header.

  • Moldovan

    There is no such prices in Moskow. For such apartment minimum 300 000 in Moskow

  • Jamiel Sharief

    A well researched article, well done.

  • Jarod

    You can also purchase a 2400 sqft 5 bedroom 3.5 bath house hardwood floors and granite everything sitting on 11000 sqft lot in Texas! How do I know this? Because I just bought it! Hurray for the dummies who hooked up with those ARM loans and thank you big government for letting it happen!

  • Jane

    im not sure how accurate any of this is. i can attest to the fact that the price for the Moscow property is a false claim.

  • brandontreb

    You should have included some hideous run down US house that costs ~150K. I’m sure you could find a plethora of images on Craigslist.

  • From Russia with Love

    Chystye Prudy Area, Moscow- NO WAY
    I’m sorry, but where are you getting this info from? Current realestate rates in Moscow are $20,000.00 per Sq. Meter. There is NO WAY you could purchase that apprtment in the center of Moscow for $150,000.00. $1.5 mil – maybe.

  • Cheap

    where is the house for 150K in Beverly Hills

  • Jeff

    Makes me feel better about my $159K, 2900sq/ft home in the US. Thanks! Move out of LA/NYC people.


    Time to start investing overseas!

  • Alan

    Wow, that home/apartment in Bali looks simply amazing for less than 110K. My mom and dad may be interested, haha.

  • Jessipoo

    How about posting some contact information? Can some one tell us who to contact for these?

  • Cindy

    Now please tell me what I can get for that amount right here in America, I’m looking for deals in Texas.

  • jan ramos

    man.. i have a 300k home and its 3 bed 2 bath.. wonder what my money can buy in the philippines or maybe in singapore..

  • Chad

    You guys need to move to Texas, Houston preferably. You can get a house like this or better for 150k. Texas > all other states.

  • Bald_eagle312

    Bali is the best deal, best weather, best water….. sign me up!

  • Michael

    These are wonderful pictures, but I’d like to think that when you buy a home that you also buy a community.

  • Scott

    It’s easy to look at cost only…..but keep in mind the economies of many, if not all, of the countries shown are in worse shape than ours. Not to mention you have to live in thes 2nd & 3rd world locations.

  • Aimee

    These are beautiful but take into consideration if you moved there–where would you work, what is their economy like–this is only showing part of it. I guess these could be second vacation homes?

  • FABIO in LA

    Why am I slaving away trying to pay off a couple of $300,000 mortgages in the USA???

  • Robert

    I wouldn’t put Foxton, NZL as paradise!


    I LIVED IN CROATIA some while i was going threw Bosnia in the army beautiful and everyone was so friendly.that place looks wonderful.i hope they rebuilt the towns cause they were in ruins when i was there from all the conflicts.

  • Chris

    I met a British guy once. He told me he has lived in a lot of places, he also said there is no place on earth better to live then the United States of America. I’ve traveled to many countries with work and on pleasure. I’ve found nowhere else I’d rather put down roots then in the good old USA. We have more freedom and opportunities here then anywhere in the world. Of all the places I’ve been, I think I could live in Amsterdam for a few years, but would always want to come back to the US as my home. :-)

  • Craig

    I don’t care how cheap the place is, I’m not sure I’d want to live in Moscow or Mexico. No rule of law, drug cartels running the show, kidnappings. Sorry, not for me. The other places look great, though.

  • Eber

    I like what I see on the surface, but what are the hidden costs of upkeeping these properties. I’d like to know what the property tax looks like in places like Portugal, plus what is the condo fee for those apartments??

  • Required Name

    Yep – Just another many reasons never to consider living in the shit hole called New York.

  • Vero

    umm….Australia here I come!!

  • Reagan

    Wow I’m in the wrong city. 150k can barely get me a parking space!

  • Ron

    The Phillipines is a good bargain, too. The charm of the people somewhat outweighs the opressively hot and humid weather.

  • ilan cohen

    who the hell wants to live in those dumpy lawless corrupt countries. Id rather be a proud american and live in america in a smaller house than live half a world a way in a place where i cant trust the govt

  • Thomas Murphy

    It’s like this everywhere…I’m selling a B&B on the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica…It should sell for $500,000 but I’ll probably get something in the neighborhood of the low $300,000′s.

  • Luke

    Prosek in Prague is not nice I must say :o( I’ve lived in the Czech Republic and there are BEAUTIFUL places all around but this one is not one of them …. but then that’s why it’s cheap(er). I love Porec, the sea is beautiful there!

  • Courtney

    Oh wow. If they had anything like that in Japan, China, Korea, or something like that, I would be all over that. Then I would have a nice little home away from home here in GA.

  • Jenny

    It does state apartment, I would take apartment living at that price. I agree with Chris, it is Paradise.

  • Alex

    That is not true, Moscow prices !!!!!!
    It got to be above 200K for two bedrooms !!!!

  • James Savage

    I see the posted properties listed herein. My wife is from the Philippines and we purchased a very large property with extremely nice home, caretakers cottage, guest house, large lake, five gardens and much more (the kitchen alone is 32ft. x 44 ft.) all with marble floors for $140,000USD on about 55acres of land (they sell in hectares). We have also been able to purchase three fairly large farm properties there as well at extremely reasonable costs so we are well aware of overseas bargain deals on properties.

  • Hot rod

    It’s beautiful how safe is it ?

  • Henry G. Huestis

    As an American working overseas, there are low cost areas outside the USA to live, and this article highlights it. The worldwide economic crisis has lowered real estate prices worldwide, but ironically, the USA has been hit one of the hardest and ironically, some of the Indians and Pakistanis and Filipinos that I do work with are really now looking at buying USA Real Estate as it still is offering some of the best bargains, and the most ownership rights as compared to other countries. Please note that many foreign countries impose considerable restrictions on property ownership to non-citizens of these foreign countries, whereas the USA does not have these restrictions (outside of paying taxes on a gain of sale).

    Anyhow wish you the best of luck in your overseas real estate search.

    Henry G. Huestis

  • V

    I sincerely doubt one could find an apartment like that in Moscow for $150k

  • http://mozilla rob hayslett

    Just shows you how money hungry people have got here.

  • Tim

    I’d like to see a representative home from Seattle for comparison!

  • Marie C

    Some of these LOOK to be incredible homes and locations. What are the restrictions for a US citizen to purchase in other countries? HUMMMM….

  • Henry G. Huestis

    As an American working overseas, there are low cost areas outside the USA to live, and this article highlights it. The worldwide economic crisis has lowered real estate prices worldwide, but ironically, the USA has been hit one of the hardest and ironically, some of the Indians and Pakistanis and Filipinos that I do work with are really now looking at buying USA Real Estate as it still is offering some of the best bargains, and the most ownership rights as compared to other countries. Please note that many foreign countries impose considerable restrictions on property ownership to non-citizens of these foreign countries, whereas the USA does not have these restrictions (outside of paying taxes on a gain of sale) .

    Anyhow wish you the best of luck in your overseas real estate search.

    Henry G. Huestis

  • Brandon

    I dont see how these r such great deals? There are plenty of areas in the States right now where u can get houses for $150,000. I bought a 2 bedroom 2 bath townhouse in Tucson for 65,000 2 months ago. Now thats a deal.

  • izhd

    $152,000 for 2-bedrooms in the center of Moscow?? Well, I don’t think so.
    I makes me doubt about other properties on this page.

  • The Saint

    Not even close to comparing to California, we are the shizzy.

  • DrewydaKiD

    That condo in argentina is a total bargain if it rly is out for 150 gran…

  • joe

    would like to know where to look for bargins like that in the phillipines


    Want to pack bags now !! If only I could sell MY huge country home first……

  • Paul

    I dont give a rats ass about other countries. I am an AMERICAN. I want to know what 150K will buy me in the greatest country God gave man. Geez–stop with other country BS–I dont want to live anywhere else.

  • Dave

    No need to go that far. Surprize AZ. Has nearly new homes in new areas for $150,000 and less. 2 to 3,000 sq. ft., some with pools. Most are less than 10 years old and new schools and shopping centers too!

  • Cocopops

    The South African property just makes me homesick. It is small dorp but I would buy it for sure.

  • V

    I am not sure where this information was taken from, however the cheapest apartment for sale in Moscow in Chystye Prudy Area is $800,000,

  • Boxer

    Maybe, but who wants to live in any of these places?

  • J

    u gotta be careful when buying abroad, check taxes-sometimes they have land and house and other taxes to consider…i also know someone who was scammed and lost lots of money buying land and a house in Thailand

  • blowe

    and to think what I paid for my home and what it is worth now! this was the most depressing article I have ever seen thansk a lot for make the pain even worse.

  • Tami

    Thanks! It shows that evan someone with a moderate income, their dreams can come true!!

  • Paul

    By the way, I can show you MANSIONS across the United States for 150K that look like the pictures above. Ashville, places in SC, inland FLA, etc. Too bad the socialist/communist scumbag who posted this article lives in America. If you don’t like it here, get the hell out.

  • Gabriel

    I don’t know where or how you found that place in Moscow, but people should know that Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world. In fact, Forbes rated it ‘the most expensive city in the world’ in 2008.

    So, take these with a pinch of salt…

  • Catherine

    Before moving to these beautiful places, crime and diseases carried by insects have to be considered and the laws and military problems. I would hate to go to someplace and be killed. Why are these places for sale???????

  • Kevin

    You need to have atleast $500.000 to buy the house like that in vietnam. You are so lucky to live in these city but not in vietnam. In viet nam the street is so small. The city is too noise and dirty. the food is expensive and dirty. I took vacation there and feel so bad it is first and last.

  • Sergey

    This article is absolute falsification. You will not find similar variants in a reality. For an example, I would buy “Chystye Prudy Area, Moscow ” property immediately for 200000 USD (please email me) Unfortunately, the real price will not less than 800000 usd in the center of the Moscow.

  • Nelson

    I have been to all those countries. Czech and Russia I wouldn’t live there if I could get a palace for 5 bucks. Chile and Argentina are ok to live there and your bucks can go a nice way. Portugal is ok to live, but way too crowded for the area. South Africa just always seems uneasy, very hot though. Australia and New Zealand are beautiful and great to live there. Croatia and Bali is just not a nice quality of life as in commodities. Here in the US you can now buy a hec of a lot of land and house for 150K. I know, I’m an investor. I just bought a 5 bedroom, 3 1/2 bathroom house in a very nice neighborhood in Winston-Salem, NC for 85K. You just have to look and make the offer, someone or some bank will say yes. US is still a great place to live.

  • J

    also, sometimes the taxes when selling are 50%, like in the country I live in now!

  • andy

    The appartment you see from Prague is way overpriced for what you get in it. It does not even come close to luxury American home. It is so expensive only because it is in Prague, one of the most expensive cities in the world (and I don’t know why). Czechs are unbelievably greedy people! (I should know, I came from there long time ago)

  • KATE

    Don’t drool. Whoever posted pictures (at least for Moscow part) did not know the subjecg at all.
    You have to be responseble of what are you saying. Condo in central Moscow in such condition for $150,000!!?? This is simply not true. Go to any russian websites and see for you self (

  • jsamp

    Great comparison. $150K will go a long way in this world. To most of the world though, that is a fortune!
    Jessica, if you think about it a little bit, it’s pretty self explanatory. These are ‘homes’ you can buy, not rent. Some are Condos, some Townhouses, some Houses and others Mansions with lots of land.

  • Philippe Igoa

    Nice post about foreign properties. I’m looking to buy a small villa south of Paris, in a small town, not too far from Le Mans, yeah where they race cars, in a small
    village called Thiron Gardais. You can get a decent house—not apartment between $130,000-$150,000. The bad part is there is no A/C in the humid
    climate, nor central heating. Some spoiled Americans might have a problem
    with that but being a native-born, who moved to the states when he was an infant, I feel my European roots coming out the older I get. I tell you, if I could earn the same money teaching in France and my wife could continue her studies in France, and i could take my parents with me, I would leave in a heart beat. In the meantime, I live in the Communist state called California. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • andy

    sorry – I meant “close to luxury of an American home”

  • Hari

    perfect! i already dont have money now i feel like even if i had a bit of money i could have been living in a mansion… JUST GREAT!!

    p.s. great pix..

  • M. Nash

    Jessica: You can buy apartments as well as houses. That is why they listed the purchase price.

  • gerry

    Yes but in the states you can buy a lot more house than any listed here for $150,000, Its still the cheapest place in the world to buy property,i just had a friend buy a 4200 sq ft property on 3 acres in Texas for less then $150,000

  • AMosier

    Yes, great deals until the natives raid your home, rape and kill your kids before your eyes, then beat and burn you to death with a hot iron. That’s why South Afrika has so many great deals. I’m sure the least that you would have to deal with would be for the local government to seize it like the mexicans did to Americans who leased land and built condos in Rosarita Beach. They show up and say “I like your condo. Get out, gingo”. And if you’re lucky, you can run back to the US before they decide that you wife and daughters would look good working at the local donkey bar.

  • John

    I wouldn’t get too impressed. No mention of property taxes, local crime rates, etc, etc. The US is still the best country in the world to live, thats why people want to come here.

  • http://matadorlife coleman

    O.k. now where can do I go to get an agent to buy this place?

  • Hina

    What the heck? thats where I should be moving!!

  • Lily

    This is an interesting post…affordable and nice homes? YES! But what is going to kill me probably is the plane ticket to go visit once in awhile…if only I had money to spare!! Thanks for posting.

  • Colleen


    If you look right beneath each listing, it makes it pretty clear whether you are looking at an individual home or an apartment. Also, common sense dictates that an entire apartment is not included in the price. The apartment is not for rent; it’s for sale; much like the walk-ups in NYC or Paris…

  • Josh

    I don’t think this speaks so much to the exchange rate as it does to the artificially-maintained high real estate prices in the US. May I suggest you end your list with similar-priced homes in New York, San Diego, or San Francisco. You know, just for fun :)

  • http://yahoo mario

    i think ill stick to miami thank you.

  • Bruce

    Where in Mexico ??

    On the beach ?

  • Schuyler Johnson

    LOVE the Bali house, far and away the best of the group. I would not move to any of the other countries mentioned for any price or any house, as someone else said, USA is the best of all possible worlds. I live in South Florida and it is truly paradise.

  • Mike

    To AMosier: What donkey bar is your wife and daughter at? lol….your an ass!

  • norma

    The property in Bali looks so beautiful…but hmmm isn’t that were they had the bali bombing of a night club…i don’t think westerners are very appreciated there. And yes there are plenty of places just as beautiful, but safe that you can buy for that price here in the US. not to mention….there are no jobs available in those areas….unless you plan on opening a brothel.

  • Brian

    This just shows you how much more you can get for you money in a foreign country, and you probably don’t have to pay property Tax like we do in the states. These places are like Paradise. I would definitely think twice now before buying a home in the States, especially with this economy. Thank you for the article, it’s very informative.

  • Stupid MisInformation

    No way in heck does the Moscow apartment sell for $150K Maybe somebody ought to actually know something before writing an article. Moscow is the most expensive city I have ever been in. I was there in 2007 and breakfast at the Marriot was $85. Cement shells in rundown buildings were selling for 300K. Absolutely the dumbest article I have seen in a long time.

  • Phil

    A good idea of what 150K USD can buy abroad. However, problems may arise in obtaining residence permits for living in the properties, if that’s your intention. Irrespective of one’s owning properties, it is often tricky in obtaining a residence permit in some places. I know as I own two properties abroad.

  • James

    Imagine what you could get in other second or 3rd world countries. I bet there will be some places in the US that will be better than that if not a match, as long as you are willing to deal with snow or the dessert.

    Its sad that there are people who think so lowly of other countries, whereas there are places where there is virtually zero crime rate, better weather, and cheaper cost of living.

  • K

    What’s holding you back Philippe Igoa — I’m sure there are plenty of airline flights to take you directly home to dear old France. Take your brie with you by the way — I have no patience with someone living in our great country coming on a message board degrading our country and stating IF IF IF you would be out of here so fast. Well just save yourself the chatter — and head on home because you obviously aren’t appreciative of what you are gaining by staying in this country. It’s baffling how you are making fun of our country without taking a look to see how your own country isn’t even meeting your own needs of a job, income and education. How many times have we saved the French’s butt in the past century? If you want to complain about California then go ahead and leave — we won’t miss you — TRUST ME.

  • Jack Crowe

    Do any of you here really have $500 in their pocket much less the $150K to buy a house, anywhere?

  • David Miller

    Hey everyone, this is David, who put this piece together. I got the Moscow price from this actual listing:

    I have no reason to believe it’s a false price, but it could be a mistaken listing. Thanks for the comments.

  • poofdawg

    Dayum jigga!! Wunder if they got 140% financing and no closing costs too?!?
    I could sure use another interest only note for some new rims for my used Escalade. And what the hell?? I don’t see no people of color in ANY of these pictures. Whassa brotha gonna do?

  • SM

    Just go to the Southern United States and there a great deals and some in very nice areas. Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which is a nice and growing area you can get a 1500-2500 sf house in a nice quiet suburb on 1/2-3/4 acres in the city for $150k. I should know as I bought a beautiful house there on 3/4 acre in Clemmons that was 1800 sf with 3 beds/2 baths and a laundry room, front room, den, attached garage, detached garage, big shed, all brick everything on a maturely landscaped lot on a quiet dead-end street for $152,000 in 2005. I loved that house and area. Had to move again because of family issues and just sold it for only $155k but glad to get it sold at all in this market, especially at a tiny profit (take out the realtors fee and it is a loss of course).

  • jeff

    chris,,,,fyi the us dollar is terrible in most foreign countries!

  • Judy

    Pretty amazing photos, but I’ll bet those homes are few and far between. Heck, we can purchase here in the USA (much larger) for about the same. Especially now!

  • A Rothman

    Some of these places appear lovely. Cant even buy a doghouse for $150,000 in Los Angeles without the fear of getting shot by a gang.

  • Zeke

    Why are so many Americans (at least amongst those who have commented here) fearful of living anywhere else? I can understand being critical of conditions in a specific example country, but to believe that there are no safe, clean, law-abiding and prosperous locales beyond your borders is breathtakingly xenophobic. In addition to betraying an amazing ignorance of the wider world, it suggests a rather pollyanna-ish view of your own. Of the forty-odd countries I have visited, I’m pretty certain I could be happy living in about half of them.

  • Chris Schulz

    Denillequin is a complete dust bowl with little to no job prospects and i would pay 150k just to get the hell out of there.

  • jeff

    well zeke, if you think these places are just as safe i will help you pack.

  • Jennifer

    Unfortunately you can’t buy in Australia unless a citizen or a permanent resident… but New Zealand offers GREAT properties as well and a bit better exchange rate if one is looking for a vacation house on the other end of the world (and an American CAN actually BUY over there)…

  • Josh Armstrong

    The New Zealand house is totally untrue. I am a Christchurch property owner, 125 000 dollars in today’s market would buy you a two bedroom unit if you’re lucky, you’re likely to get much less.

  • Rick

    You can’t exactly buy a house for that money in Holland, you get a ruin for that. The amount of $150k gets you €111k. I’ve looked around in my village; nothing. In Alkmaar, a city of about 100.000 people I found only 1 house:

    And that’s a wreck. Also, you still have to pay an extra 10-20% on the price for transfering costs etc.

  • sloba

    Well I work and live in Moscow, If you can give me such flat for 150k I will buy 10 and resell them for 500 000k People do sell here 1/7 of a flat for such money (for registration purposes and passport and never let you live there), As far as Australia, that town is in a middle of nowhere so it is close to a plausible, but who knows. As far as Porec in Croatia, prices did dropped, but for 150k that house??? Maybe a ruin inside. As far as the rest offers, I think that best is That house in South Africa. It is near port Elisabeth, White people are valued high over there, so you might even get a decent job. Other houses I believe are overpriced. You can buy better properties for such kind of a money when you are there and know the prices on local market.

  • Denis

    Hey David,

    There is a typo on the real estate site where you got that listing per this condo in Moscow from. Its market price today is 1263750, not 126375 (the source of this number is, with similar offerings no less than $1m available for immediate purchase). That is $1,263,750 which is ten times the amount you listed above. So uh. I dunno, that’s my two cents here regarding the “false claim”.

  • Denis

    I mean theres no way in hell your gonna by a condo up here in Moscow with this money.

  • Mark

    The South African one is perfectly plausible. 150K USD is about 1.4 million ZAR, and you could certainly buy a very nice house for that in J-Bay.

  • Jake

    I was waiting for the comedic photo of the crackhouse you can buy in the states.

  • Kate

    There are LOTS of houses in the US you can buy for that and they aren’t palaces, but they’re not too shabby either, and not in crime-ridden neighborhoods.

    Of course, they’re not in California or New York, but in Texas and all those square states in the middle of the country.

  • Chris

    Quote: “Is the first picture an apartment you can rent? I highly doubt you can get that whole building. The Czech Republic picture and the Porec, Istria picture look like apartments as well. You should really explain more detail.”

    Ever heard of a condo? People can also buy/own apartments and live in them too, renting is not the only option.

  • banosd

    You can buy 3 condos for that in Tampa, FL

  • some guy

    Isn’t this all confused by whatever the value (exchange rate) of the dollar is in various countries?

  • Nate

    lol, Deniliquin

    For people not familliar, this is a backwater country town with little going for it. It’s 754KM from Sydney (yes, 9 hours drive) or 308KM from Melbourne.

    Australia is not as densely populated as the US. There are many satellite cities but they generally have no jobs, health care, etc and the vast majority aspire to move back into the capital cities (Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Brisbane or Darwin). If you look at the median prices for these areas…. Sydney median is around $550,000 AUD.

    You could buy a lot more in the US for your money right now.

  • The

    Also, there is no way you could get that house in Porec for 150K. It’s more like double, but in €, and that’s fairly optimistic price.

  • J

    @Cheesus – my thoughts exactly! you need $500,000 for a nice 4 bed family house anywhere in the uk!

  • skrame

    Julio – There is a link to each listing under each home. One or two are no longer active.

  • StrongRock

    Cinco de Mayo, 2005, Delhi, CA: Drunken, illegal alien tears down my US Flag. I sell 1Ksqft house (2/2/2) I (bought for $95k in 1995) for $331k in July 2005 and move to Rockford, IL. Buy 3Ksqft 1964 Colonial with pillars (4/3.5/3, finished walk-out basement) on acre with view of Rock River and Sinissippi Park $147k. No mortgage, money in bank, no bills, teaching HS with IL Teachers’ Pension plus Navy pension. Life is good here. Go to and see what $150k will get you 1 hour from Chicagoland, 1 hour from Madison and Milwaukee. Minor league teams (Base Ball, hockey, football, soccer), boating on the river, skiing nearby, casinos, live theatre, nearly 100 public parks, and really nice people. You don’t have to move to Ethiosomaligeria to find a nice home in a nice place for $150k.

  • StrongRock

    Addendum: Did not mean to imply there are not nice place in other countries. In 21 years in US Navy, plus being an Air Force brat as a kid, I lived around the world, including nearly four yars in Scotland, a place I love. Also, Spain, Australia, Japan, Germany, Guam. I enjoyed California, but am really happy here in Rockford, IL. And, thankful that I sold when market was right. Still have a small condo in San Diego that may be my retirement home someday. Generally, I’ve been happy wherever I’ve lived and enjoyed whatever that particular place had to offer – except Modesto, CA: that place is definately Hell-on-Earth. It makes Kabul seem enlightened, modern, and well-kept. Even my priest there thought it was like Hell: it’s hot, dry, full of heretics, and smells like manure most of the year.

  • CMM

    Why is it that so many Americans seem to take the attitude that the rest of the world is crap, lawless hell-holes filled with awful people and it is only in the good ole US of A that any semblance of life can be found?
    The world is an amazing place filled with some pretty amazing people and things to see. There is as much lawlessness and corruption in your own country that you don’t need to point the finger at all the other ones. Yes America did fight in both world wars and did so heroically and to the global benefit. You did not fight alone no matter how your movies display it.
    I have traveled throughout the US and I can say I have been more afraid driving in the outskirts of Boston than I have in a lot of other places. Watching your news I am as fearful of some of your police as I might be in Mexico.
    Don’t paint yourselves and the world with such broad strokes. There is good and bad everywhere.
    I love America, I love Americans. Mostly they are the most charitable, kindest and easy to get along with people you will ever meet.
    They are also a nation surrounded by a two way mirror. They can see their own reflection, the rest of the world can see in, but they can never see out. Sadly most of them never care about really looking out.
    After 9-11 almost every Muslim country had protests, in many cases supported by their governments, IN SUPPORT of the US and against the terrorists. Many French Newspapers ran the headline “Today We Are All Americans”. I am yet to hear of an American who knows these things.

    And lastly to all the people who are busy screaming LIES ALL LIES. This is a basic article, not an in depth house buying guide. There are bargains and hells to be found everywhere. Where I live Near Toronto in Southern Ontario Canada you would find nothing you wanted to live in for 150k. Well, at least I assume so, I mean, I don’t know every single listing out there so maybe, just maybe there are fantastic deals available.

    10 years form now we will be watching the news and some young guy will be sitting smiling. They will be talking about how he made his gazillion dollars by finding and buying these lost properties of today. We will all be sitting about muttering “Well I thought about doing that too”

  • Anastasia

    David! if you add one zero to the price for appartment in Moscow it will be the real price :) $1500000!

  • StrongRock

    Did I say “heretics”? Sorry: misspoke – meant to write “Republicans.” Still, it’s a synonym that means the same thing.

  • Tim L


    It is called government propaganda. The US Government, probably even more than the Chinese Government, is a propaganda machine. For the last 8 years Americans were taught to fear everything. We even allowed our border to be closed with Canada for fucks sake.

    Most Americans never leave the state they live in. And in the rare times they do leave the state they live in it is to travel to tourist destinations. We honestly have no idea how poor, dangerous, desolate many of the regions in our own country are. Most Americans are completely ignorant of reality. We have a huge section of the country called the “Bible Belt” which is full of people who listen to fat rich “so-called” christian preachers whom tell them how to think and they listen and give more of their money. These same people listen to radio shows like Rush Limbaugh who abuses the White-Trash version of heroine called (Oxy-Contin) then preach to the public to show hate towards “others” who abuse drugs. The others being non-christians, blacks, jews, etc…

    On top of everything stated above, American’s are afraid to leave their homes. They are afraid to communicate with other people. They are afraid to let their children play out side. Our children have grown fat, lazy, and stupid. And the sad thing is it took only about 20 years for our whole society to fall into this shitty state.

  • Big Tex

    Comment by Chad — March 26, 2009

    You guys need to move to Texas, Houston preferably. You can get a house like this or better for 150k. Texas > all other states.

    Ugh. I love Texas, but there’s no way I’d ever live in Houston. Somewhere further down the bay, maybe.

  • jim geiger

    Good Article, David!
    Not that it is accurate, ’cause I wouldn’t know, but because it was written well enough that it affected people. It motivated lots of people to, not only read it through, but to also take the time to comment on it.

    Hell’s Bells, coming from the internet…the “lawless swamp”…you can’t trust anything you read, or see. Your article may not have even been researched at all, and the pictures may not even be of the properties they represent. What does it matter? Together the pix and words got all these people blogging…interacting. I know that you are likely not a real estate agent, nor are you an interntional property expert. You are merely a writer, and a good one. You write for some company willing to pay you, what? maybe 20 cents a word for content. They don’t care if it is true, they just want to get people’s eyes on that the page usage increases. I’m surprised you spent as much time as you did for the money you probably made writing it.

    Thanks, y’all, for the giggles!

  • Julian

    I’m from Munich, Germany, and at the moment $150k would be €113k. Which would get you a tiny 2-room apartment in a suburb or a very, very small 3-room apartment in a sub-suburb, one without train connection. You might even get a 1-room apartment in the city. No chance whatsoever for a house closer than 50 kilometers to a city, at least not in Bavaria, and if so, it will be in bad condition.

  • meg

    i just wish everyone could get along and take in what is our world god created all of it so lets enjoy it and each other ! pray, love, and learn

  • Angel Rose

    My 12-year-old son was looking for an article for his Current Events paper in Social Studies. We came across this article and took the past 2 hrs to read through all the information on each property and also the comments left by the readers. This was a very interesting article and really gave a new perspective on the housing market across the world.

    As for Jessica and her comment I have to agree with all the other comments left to her and add one of my own. WOW… Reading this article might have given me a new perspective on the housing market, but reading your comment, Jessica, and knowing, that even my 12 yr old boy, knew more about what was going on than (I am assuming) a grown woman, put the intelligence level that is, was, and should be being taught into a new perspective for me. Also, Good luck Jessica and remember you are never to old to go back to school.

  • Rus R

    Hey, even with the recession in, you won’t be able to get an apartment like this in moscow for anything less than 500’000 dollars. Chystye Prudy, the area of Moscow mentioned by the author is in the very city center of Moscow. The cheapest soviet era ugly studio flat (30 sq.m.) on the outskirts of Moscow (20 mins walk to the nearest metro station) will cost you at least 125’000 dollars.

  • ieq

    I absolutely agree with CMM and Tim L – I’ve lived in 4 continents (not Australia, sadly), enjoyed all the differences they had to offer, and in NY for years (where I saw 2 women being stabbed in Central Park, one after the other, by a crazy man)) and I can say that Americans are afraid and very ignorant of the rest of the world. Yes, USA is a great country, but so are other countries for their own people, so, nothing really especial about liking your country, good for you, keep your cool, K (March 26), no need to be SO agressive, and nobody is asking you to leave your country, Paul (March 26), and let’s not talk about corruption and governments,Ihan Cohen, the USA has done its share of harm to the world, as well as good, no doubt. I think this is an article about property outside the USA, since the editor is from Seattle, which is in the USA , (that’s propably why there’s nothing about property in the USA ,I could only see the first page, don’t know if there are other pages), whether or not the prices are accurate, whether or not you would like to live in thoses places for whatever particular reason, that’s what this article is about, not about American nacionalism or patriotism.

  • Melkij

    Where did you find that apartment in Moscow for $150K? I will buy it now, but you have to guarantee it is true!
    I think all the ads here are just scam as this one definitely is.

    • andrei

      I think they missed a 0 in this one. Should be 1,212,610 euro.

  • Bunny

    What a wildly inaccurate article. It would have been nice to have seen average offerings for each area.

    If I were to pick out the specifically cheap houses in USA, I cold mention a 16 bedroom cotton mansion on 12 acres of land 4 hours drive to the nearest city I was considering for $60000 US. Maybe we can go buy houses in Detroit for $1? They are rare, but those prices are happening today in Detroit.

    So don’t publish the rare exceptions, or the properties that are in seriously undesirable areas (distance from jobs etc.). If the same is done to USA, USA doesn’t come off looking so good.

  • Orla Nickell

    I live in Indiana and have a 3,000 square foot home for 101,000 USD :)
    Beautiful town, good people, nice homes..and cheap!

  • Fred

    Only idiots buy property outside the United States. Even in the United States, ownership is fraught with dangers. Did you someone can quite easily take out a loan on your property via identity theft? When they fail to pay that loan, the bank forecloses. Quite an expensive mess to clean up, and yet you have all the benefits of being an American citizen who speaks fluent english and is familiar with one of the world’s most efficient and honest legal systems. Now imagine something like this happening in Moscow, or South Africa, or even Mexico. You want to live in a foreign country? Rent and let someone else deal with all the hassles of ownership.

  • Pieter

    I got engaged in Lovina, Bali … its on the far northwest coast … many hours drive from Ubud or Kuta, or the airport. Nice enough town for a few days (and we were en route to Menjangan) but not quintessential Bali and not a place where expats would normally want to plant roots.

    I’d have to agree that this selection looks more misleading than representative.

  • eddie

    i read every single comment on this article. Zeke, CMM, Tim L, ieq, thanks for making intelligent, sensible comments. i, being someone who has lived in california for 15+ years, have one thing to add: why is EVERY comment saying that there is only one good country to live in the world coming from an american. there are argentinians, australians. south africans, kiwis and indonesians who feel the same way, but none of them came forward to put other countries down.

    the US of A is best than any other country at one thing: marketing. and it shows.

  • Edmund Burke

    Found a link to this blog at Go to for a real mind-blower on the true state of the housing industry in the US. You think prices are great right now?? I wouldn’t buy a house now no matter what. Home prices won’t bottom until at least 2012, at the earliest. But thats just me.

    Nice article. Great follow-up comments, a lot of great info on homes in your area, which gave me an idea for a website where people from all over the country could post the lowest priced houses in their neighborhood, listing only homes under 150K.

  • Dave Beaumont

    Interesting list.. certainly shows the value of some of the prices at

  • Soeren

    What, no US?;-) $150k will buy you 4 or 5 decent homes in a decent area in some parts of the country. Or, will get you a farmhouse on 80 acres in the midwest.

  • Giles

    I just sold my 2200 sq ft home in Cuernavaca for 125,000. It was older but it was in paradise. 68 degrees in the evenings in December. Why did I sell it?
    My job wouldnt give my kids the scholarship at school. That’s what ate into my salary. So if you dont have kids and want to live where English is spoken… Try Mexico. And you can forget the bull about the drug wars there… Its media hype. They’d rather report about little problems elsewhere to take your mind of the log in their eye here (metaphorically speaking).

  • Courts

    CMM, Tim L, ieq, Zeke, and eddie – thank you for making sensible, reasonable and adult comments about comparisons between not only life in other countries and the US, but the people and personas as well.
    I have traveled quite a bit, but have lived in California all my life, and I think it sad that many people can be so close minded and make such unreasonable comments without experiencing what they are talking about or even doing a bit of research.
    I think the point of this article was to open our eyes that there are beautiful and reasonably priced places if you do your homework, get off the couch, and find them. No matter, if it is outside or inside the US.
    I found my current home, under $150k, in Orange County, and I love it. Granted it is not a house on the beach or anything, but it is in a good size in a good neighborhood, and I can’t ask for more. You just have to be open-minded and anything is possible.

  • Sandals

    David, thanks for the post. Even if the prices aren’t entirely accurate, it’s good inspiration to think about what’s possible in other countries.

    Better question: Who invited all the xenophobes? “Why’d y’all wanna live anywheres but the good ol’ Yoo Ess of Ey? S’a best country ever invented inna histry of countries!” If you’ve got the gall to ask an ignorant, short-sighted question like that, you’re on the wrong site. Last I checked these articles were written by and for open-minded people who see value in other countries beyond just making Happy Meal toys.

    Seriously, open question, I’m genuinely curious: Why is the United States so much better than any other country? I’d be interested in specifics, not vapid Fourth-of-July flag-waving ” ‘Cause we invented freedom!” zealotry.

    Example: The U.S. ranked 34th on the Reporters Without Borders Free Press Index ( — beat out by a bunch of “Third World” (read: “inferior,” as implied by some of the other commenters) countries. At least in that regard, the U.S. is not “the best” or “the freest.” Good, maybe — but not the best. Get off your soapbox and look around.

  • Sandals

    …and by “34th” I meant “23rd,” but the argument stands.

  • Kent F

    Well done – very interesting! Median home price in the eastern part of Texas is about $120,000 – less in rural areas, and more in established cities.

  • Jamry

    Hi there,
    Great post. I am very taken with the property in the Czech Republic as I have some investments there – none as good as this I imagine!! Central and Eastern Europe are fascinating to visit and there are some great investment opportunities available there if you know where to look!!

  • Real Estate Power Investor

    These places are amazing! I hope to be in a position to pick up and move to one of these exotic places some day …

  • michelle

    Wow Buenos Aires is a beautiful place! It is the Paris of South America and I love Paris!!!! Unfortunatly it will not get anything in Paris… Bali is also a nice idea eveyrthing else is just not interesting Eastern Europe is OUT!!!!

  • chris

    some of the american posts above are incredibly close minded and insulting. Try leaving your state, opening your mind, and cutting down on the overblown patriotism and xenophobia please. Sandals and Eddie well done for talking sense.

    I’ve got some mates living in Florida, I liked it and they love it, but surf wise its complete balls compared to where I live in South Africa. The point is, most countries in the world have a lot to offer, and beauty abounds, so why put other places down?

    As for me, Jeffreys Bay is a far second to St Francis Bay 15 minutes drive away, and Bali looks too good to be true. Nice article, even if the prices are unrealistic, it still makes you think about other options, which can only be a good thing. Any beautiful place in Cape Town, Jeffreys, or the KwaZulu Natal coastline is going to cost a wee bit more than 150K though, but its still for free compared to Europe.

  • Blurgle

    I once sold a piece of real estate in Calgary for $150,000. It was roughly ten feet long by five feet wide.

    A crappier house than any shown here will go for $500,000.

  • Craig

    Great article. I spend a lot of time in Thailand and you can get a house for $30,000 there. But, you are in the country and hardly anybody nearby speaks English…but it can be done…and they are not that bad.

    Yes, Americans are very closed minded. One reason is it is so far to travel to other countries. We are not as lucky as Europeans who have other cultures sometimes only minutes away. And the US is a great country. Lots to see and great infrastructure.

    But it gets old hearing everybodyy rag on Americans. Generalizations are to a certain degree true, but obviously don’t apply to everyone.

    And as for the USD, right now it is kicking! I travel full time and so far, the dollar is king. At least so far. I have been to many countries where it is the only currency that is widely accepted.

    68 countries so far and full time traveling for the past 5 years.

  • Salt Lake Photographer, Amanda

    Housing is still cheap in Utah! I just bought here.

    • julie

      but you have to live in utah. snow, mormons, conservatives, sounds like paradise, not. don’t want to bash but that hardly sounds like an attractive alternative to bali, good luck.

  • Owen

    Why would you want to live anywhere other than the US? Maybe to experience another culture. Maybe to do some traveling. Maybe for work. Maybe to get away from the US. There are a million reasons why someone would want to live abroad, and to read so many ignorant, dumb comments from a bunch of retards who’ve never left their home state just illustrates the point even further. Why would we want to move? To escape the hoards of morons in this country who don’t know anything about the world, and yet insist on characterizing it as bug infested, crime ridden and moments away from a coup. You all can slave away the rest of your lives to afford your poorly made,vinyl-sided house in a featureless subdivision, fighting it out with everyone else to prove how much you have and just how good of a consumer you are. I’ll be sitting on my porch with my feet up, a drink in hand, listening to the sounds of nature and enjoying the simple life.

    And if you want to see bug infested, take a trip to the midwest or south in the summer. You want to see crime ridden, go spend a few days rolling around South LA, Detroit, East St. Louis, South Chicago, etc etc etc. I’d love this country if it weren’t populated with total idiots…

  • Natalia

    This kind of appartment in Moscow, Russia costs at least 2 millions dollars. Its absulutly impossible to bye anything at the price listed in Moscow.

  • Al

    Very nice article. Got some useful information on buying property around the world during economical crisis. You can check out more here:

  • Alina

    @ Fred: “Only idiots buy property outside the United States.”

    Yeah, only idiots. Oh, and all those millions of people who were born outside of the United States.

    Another American who thinks that only Americans have the internet!

  • jeff

    FYI, many countries such as Argentina only deal in cash when buying a home. This is beginning to change but what I have been reading you have to bring cash to the table.

    If anyone has any other info on this let me know?

    motionPHR your traveler’s health record for the iPhone.

  • Roberto

    I don’t want to comments other location but price for land villa in Porec- Croatia is ridiculous, maybe they’ve ment to say 1,5 million $ and still it is low rates for north of Adriatic sea

  • rob

    I dont know about most of these locations but at least Bali should have an asterisk next to it. I was interested in buying property there but was put off by their ‘lease only policy’. You can never truly own the land as a foreigner. It would still be sweet to have a place there though, i love it. I am in Thailand now and it has the same policy… would definitely never consider it here after hearing all the horror stories.

    Don’t get angry at the morons who post here and try and convince them that there is something better out there. Encourage their fear of the unknown and let them live in their self contained jails of ignorance because in the end, do you really want them as your neighbors?

  • Caitlin

    Hey now, not all Americans are idiots. It’s just that American idiots are more likely than a lot of other countrys’ idiots to have computers and internet access in their homes.

    Makes the whole country look bad. Well, them & George Bush. Anywho – the pics were nice, the prices I would doubt, and I like living in the US though I by no means claim it’s the most fantastic place in the known galaxy for everyone.

  • Andras

    @ Fred: “Only idiots buy property outside the United States.”

    I wish that some American idiots did not buy houses in the US, and some more American idiots did not approve their mortgages, and then we, the rest of the world would be in a better financial state. Thanks for the recession, you American examples of universal respect, intelligence and geographical knowledge!

    • julie

      nice! the american dream and greed in the US was at a fever pitch. it’s pretty scary, the brainwashing that we can all afford a home and the banks let us do it. i’m an american and the materialism that this country is caught up in is pretty frightening. sadly if we don’t spend we crumble. bali sounds wonderful.

  • Mat

    Great post, i have been checking out property in Nicaragua, and there are some unreal deals, right on the beach in front of some of the best waves in central America. Thanks for keeping us grounded, living in So Cal will jade you!

  • hoff

    150K in Moscow? No way.

  • ivana

    I absolutely agree with Roberto. Real estate in Croatia are way more pricey. Especially a luxury villa like that one on the picture. And taking it’s location into consideration the price of one apartment could easily grow over 350k $.

    Červar is one of the nicest places on the north Adriatic sea on the Croatian coast. Just visiting as a tourist is incredible let alone having a real estate there and the locals are aware of that.

  • Real Estate Christchurch

    $150K can go a long way in other countries. You can buy great houses out of it.

  • William Wallacd

    I have travelled to many countries all around the world and one place I wouldn’t ever live is the USA. Nothing against the Yanks, but they need to go get a passport and experience life in other countries. The Yanks are so blind that they don’t see that they are one of the most corrupt and morally messed up nations on the planet.

    I recently lived in Barbados for 9 months and one of the many good things about the place was that there isn’t one fucking McDonalds or Starbucks on the island and I never seen that piss water Budweiser once, PARADISE!

  • Craig

    Another USA basher. Great. Very narrow minded post. I am from the US and do agree that I don’t really want to live there either (I don’t now). But it is for sure no where near the most corrupt nor the most morally messed up. Do some traveling and you will see…come on over to Africa if you want to see messed up. Somalia is a great country, not corrupt at all. Same with DRC…where I had to flee for my life not long ago…into that morally correct country Rwanda….

    P.S. I just bought a house for less than $150 USD 1/2 kilo from the beach here in Thailand. 200 square meters, well built, Private swimming pool, gated community, on 800 SM of land. I can walk to the beach and eat great Thai seafood for less than $5. A beer is a little over a dollar while I watch the sunset…

    P.S. I have traveled to over 65 countries so far…

  • julie

    i’m so happy i found this article today. it gives me hope that i can take my retirement and live abroad. it’s likely i won’t buy a place, but it points out that there are inexpensive places to live. i live in los angeles, and it’s extremely pricey. i’ll have to work the rest of my life if i want to stay here. i’m not willing to move to arizona, nevada, mid-west. this country is too conservative unless you are on the west or east coasts. maybe the listings aren’t 100% accurate but i’d like to believe there’s a place where i can live a quality life without killing myself and still have some culture.

  • Philippe Igoa

    Lily, what you do is rent out your vacation throughout the year and pay a management company to keep up the place while you’re gone. If you charge
    enough and even with the management company fees you should still come out slightly ahead or at least break even. Thats what I’m looking into now, and I’m in the process of getting something in Southwestern France, in the city of Bayonne, which is about 3 miles from the beach. I can get a decent villa for about $250,000
    US. The more I looked at those cheaper homes in the northern city of Thiron Gardais I decided this was a better deal. $150,000 sounded good at the time but I didn’t have anybody to look after it the 11 months of the year that I wouldn’t be there.

  • luggage

    It is amazing how cheap that great houses are in other countries. I would love to get a summer home somewhere.

  • duque

    If u can buy property overseas in your own name as an expat then it’s a very attractive proposition. I for one have no problems buying overseas.

  • njaneardude

    I agree, the price for that Croatian villa is either in euros or missing a “0″ or both.

  • njaneardude

    I lived in Uruguay and you can buy a nice ranch house there for under $100,000.

  • Sammccormick

    I think you missed the whimsy in this whimsical article. It’s not like this is the New York Times… :)

  • newhomelistings

    Very interesting article. One point made is the environment that one would have to live in. Many of these homes are located in countries that might not be considered safe. They’re beautiful locations but cant compare with the safety and ease of accommodations that America can provide. It really just depends if you NEED those things or not. I, personally, would rather take the beauty and freedom from these other countries over the false security of a failing economy.

  • Mark Adams

    Sorry people but if you think you can just walk in, flash some cash and buy property in Asia then think again. For instance, Bali (Indonesia) – a foreigner cant own the land, only lease SOME types of property. Similar story in Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei…

    I am talking from experience having lived in Asia for the past twenty years.

  • Robman

    I was in Malaysia for six months and from what I learned it seems to be one of the few places in Asia where you can own the land. Can someone verify this?

  • Albert K Reid

    Wow I found this very interesting!

  • Lily

    As a New Zealander, I can safely say that no-one wants to live in Foxton. It’s a little, run-down hole of a place in the middle of nowhere, and the only reason anyone knows it exists is because of the highway smack dab through its centre.

    Just saying, if the real estate’s undesirable, of course it’s gonna be cheap.

  • Dominica Hotels

    I saw this older post and thought … I wonder if that same $150k could now buy even more.

    I know one thing though. Nobody is buying anything in New York City or London England with that $150k.

  • Maple Ridge Real Estate

    In Maple Ridge BC $150k will buy you a condo in an old building.

    • Jeff

      In Vancouver BC, 150k gets you a broom closet in an old building

  • Greg Fleischaker – Louisville Real Estate Agent

    Funny you should pick $150,000, that is very close to the median asking price for homes in Louisville, Ky. Depending upon which part of town you were most interested in living, you could get between 1,000 sq ft and 2,000 sq ft, probably 3 bedroom, as many as four, with two baths, basement and even a garage.

  • Spfix

    Nice counterpoint to the NY Times: “What you can get for 1 Million Dollars.”

  • Panama Real Estate

    Choosing the right home is a major decision. It is important to find the right one that satisfies your requirements. With technology available today, you can easily compare the different companies offering real estate services.

    • _*_

      Panama Real Estate

      thank you for filling two roles: “stater of the obvious” and “how i can make some money here”

      seems that every thread has them both, but you every elegantly combined them into one. Bravo…


  • Greg

    In Washington DC and surrounding areas, $150,000 will get you a down payment on a house, and a 2nd job and maybe 3rd job so you can keep it. You can then work 14-18 hour days and hopefully one day enjoy it.

  • James

    wow, compare that with what you can get in the UK it’s ridiculous

  • Lawrence

    Interesting to see some examples from around the world. Some of those places look really nice.

  • HI

    On Long Island, NY, for $150,000, you can get laughed at

  • Andrew

    Living in Foxton NZ would be interesting. $125,000 USD would be the cheapest house in NZ and that’s saying quite a lot about the location…

  • Alex

    I’d love to see this comparison using various cities within the US. In our area the average cost for a decent sized 3br/2bath house is about $130K-$160K but watching House Hunters and other shows I’m finding this isn’t the case in most areas. It’s like $150K in some US cities will buy you a mansion and in others a shack. Cost of living is driven by house prices for sure.

  • Syed

    $150K in Detroit will buy a whole city block.

  • Tom

    Deniliquin, NSW ?! That’s in the middle of nowhere. I’m sure the average price of a house is even cheaper around there.

  • Chris

    Denni is a long long way from most anywhere. See what 150K will get you in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide etc. SFA would be my guess.

  • Central Coast Accommodation

    Would love to see the $500K version of this article.

  • Dubai real estate

    with 150K you can buy 3 luxury villas in Dubai :)

  • Braude

    Guys its impossible to get apartment in downtown of Moscow, especially in Chistie Prudi area, so its not true!

  • Lena

    Don’t be funny! In Russia $150K will not buy you a two bed in the centre, it is more like $700,000 (I am holding a real estate mag of this week in front of me). Are you sponsored by failing estate agents?

  • Mark

    it seems that everything is subject to supply and demand–with astronomical prices in the most popular/populous places.
    hopefully this trend will reverse when people realise they can have a far better quality of life if they leave the rat-race in such areas and move back into the countryside where one can still have a great life.

  • Me

    I need to move to another country (lol)

  • Mark

    Unfortunately the rest of the world is catching on fast that property is very underpriced in global terms. Those kind of prices in idylic places around the world will not last long.

  • Me

    Yes, I would imagine real estate at those prices won’t last long. I’m guessing the locals aren’t breaking down any doors to purchase the property or esle it wouldnt’ have been so underpriced to begin with; so maybe I do have a chance at owning a mansion at a steal:)

  • jenniemoo

    I personally am excited that the price of owning a home is affordable!   I am closing on my first home next month!!!  The cost of the house I am buying is 30,000 less than it was a year ago at this time.    You can see home values here at

  • Alexey Tuzoff

    I can not believe that in the center of Moscow there is such a cheap apartment. Perhaps it is from fraud advertising.

  • Anshul Modi

    Not sure if the numbers are true, but wow! Cant even buy the smallest HDB apartment for that amount in singapore!

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